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Monday, December 28, 2009

You need a good battery

I have found that there are certain times paying more is well worth it.  Peanut Butter, riding gloves, tires, and batteries to name a few.

When it comes to batteries I am an avid fan/consumer of Interstate Batteries (ISB).  In order to provide complete disclosure I must confess that I know an ISB employee, but I have no other connection other than that.

Whenever I replace the OEM battery on my bike or any of the family vehicles I purchase ISB batteries.  I have found that the ISB batteries last long, provide great cranking power, and are extremely reliable.

Only recently did I start using ISB dry-cell batteries for my flashlights, camera, toys,... and I have  found that the higher cost translates to longer battery life and more power.

When it comes to my VStar I rely on the ISB battery and it has not disappointed even when my starter clutch was going out and I had to strain the battery to start the bike.  The bike also fires up easily even when it is cold and the bike has been sitting a while.  I have had to let the bike go upstarted for over a month, with NO battery tender attached, and when the time came to start, it fired up!

When you need a battery I recommend you pay a little extra and purchase a battery from Interstate Batteries. You will not be disappointed.