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Saturday, March 30, 2024

Bob's Cafe - Ethridge, Tennessee

When out riding a good hamburger for lunch is hard to beat and I have been known to plan routes to coincide lunch with a good burger joint.  One of my all time favorite restaurant for a burger is Burger Land in Paris, Texas and is the benchmark for great burgers.  Recently, after a fun time at a local gun range, my son and I decided a hamburger and fries sounded good.  I had seen and heard about Bob's Cafe in Ethridge, TN.  We headed that direction and were hoping we would not be disappointed. 

Bob's Cafe sits on the west side of US 43 adjacent to the Amish Welcome Center & Wagon Tours.  Which if you have time riding around the large Amish community is very interesting and shopping at the Amish market is fun.  Note - the Amish market and Amish family businesses are closed on Sundays.

Signs at the end of Amish driveways states what is made and sold by that family

A traditional Amish home with a white farm house and a red barn.

 The Amish community in Ethridge is a thriving and productive community.  It is fun to ride or drive around and see the farms and the products made and sold by each family.  After lunch my son and I visited a couple of families that built cedar chests as I was searching for my wife's birthday gift.  The next week I ending up buying a four level bird house from one family and a cedar chest for my wife's birthday from a different family.  The protocol is to drive up the the house and someone will come and you ask to see the cedar chests (or whatever it is you are looking for that they sell).  The people were very friendly and helpful.  Take cash as they do not accept checks or credit cards.

Bob's Cafe is easy to spot from US-43

Bob's has plenty of parking and a simple country style front porch.  As we entered we received a friendly and warm welcome before being seated promptly.  Tables are spaced with plenty of room and the decor is country, welcoming and comfortable.

Country decor and comfortable seating

The menu had several great options so we considered some of the options but Richard and I were craving a good country hamburger.  Of course we were able to individually customize our burger.

There are plenty of good options at Bob's Cafe.

As we waited for lunch we enjoyed the laid-back atmosphere.  I noticed some motorcycle related signs on the walls and that piqued my interest.  I went to wash my hands before eating and notice even more motorcycle related items and a China cabinet turned trophy case that caught my eye.

In the cabinet/trophy case there was a motorcycle helmet and two simple trophies with a motorcycle  on each one.  As I read the trophies I was impressed.  Each one was from the Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials! 

500CC and 2000CC land speed records

The trophies were engraved with the following:

Bonneville Speedweek            Bonneville Speedweek
2006                                         2006
Aug 12 - 18th                                Aug 12 - 18th  
Record                                         Record
#6211B                                         #609B
Goldwing Lyon Bobbi              Goldwing Lyon Bobbi
500cc / MPS-VBF                  2000cc / M - BG
69.427 MPH                           129.629 MPH

I asked if Bobbi was around, but she was not.  Bob's Cafe is named after Bobbi and she is there sometimes.  I hope to get to meet her and visit with her on one of my next visits.  

Back to lunch - The burgers and fries arrived in a timely manner and were made just as we ordered.  The meat was fresh and seasoned well, but not over seasoned.  The "fixin's" were also fresh and tasty.  Richard added bacon and he said it was good bacon (as though there is bad bacon :) ).  

The traditional hamburger and fries tasted great and satisfied our hankering.  We both enjoyed the food and the atmosphere.  I will be returning to Bob's Cafe.  If you find yourself near Ethridge, TN and its time for lunch or dinner give Bob's a try, I believe you will be happy with your meal.

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