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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Keep those hands warm

Here in Texas the riding season never really ends, although there are short stretches of cold or ice.  For the most part the majority of Texans can ride year round.  Rarely do we have more than 5 or 6 days consecutively that would make riding impossible.  Certainly the Panhandle of Texas has a lot more days that make riding not likely.

We do get some cooler weather that makes us bundle up before starting the bikes and riding.  On those days I want a good pair of gloves to keep my fingers warm and operational.

There are numerous choices of good quality gloves on the market.  I have actually chosen a glove that is not motorcycle specific.  I wear the Black Diamond Gore-Tex Renegade gloves.  The Gore-Tex fabric keeps my hands dry even in the heaviest of rains.  The wool lining is soft and warm and yet the gloves are light and my fingers stay movable.  The shell is made of a durable 120d twill and the palms and fingers are reinforced with leather.  Black Diamond claims a temperature range of up to 0 degrees Fahrenheit!  I personally know they work great to at least 29 degrees.

Black Diamond® Equipment | Shop Online | Premium Gear for Adventure

I have found the gloves very warm, dry, comfortable, and functional.  The only negative is the short and tight gauntlet.  I really have to be careful to make sure my coat sleeve gets tucked in to the glove so that it does not slide up on my arm.

The real question is, "Would I buy this glove again?"  The answer is yes.  It it difficult to beat the quality of Gore-Tex and the quality of this glove.  If you are looking for a good warm, waterproof glove for riding or any outdoor activity give this glove a try.
Black Diamond Equipment

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