I am an ordinary guy who enjoys riding motorcycles. I love riding all makes and models. I love short rides, long rides, and multi-day road trips. I post reviews about motorcycle gear, motorcycles, roads, restaurants, sights, gadgets and more. The Motorcycle Facts,Trivia and History page has a lot of good info. Be safe and enjoy the ride, Oz.

Top 7 Review Posts

 7 Top Motorcycle Related Reviews by Oz

Since Sept. 2007 numerous reviews have been posted, but these seven have had the most views.  As of August 2022 the Bell helmet review has the least with 2,300+ views and the VStar 1100 review has over 59,000!

I hope the reviews are helpful.  Here are the top seven from least read to most read.



2) 2010 Yamaha FJR 1300

1) Most Read Review with 59,300+ -  2003 Yamaha VStar 1100
Yamaha VStar 1100
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