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Motorcycles Facts, Trivia and History

The history of motorcycles consists of great stories.  There are stories of successes and failures, partnerships and rivalries, friendships made and friendships broken, failed experiments and advancements in technologies, great victories and miserable defeats all driven by human creativity and adventurous spirit.

Tuesday Trivia will be a piece of history, a fun fact or motorcycle trivia. Some of the motorcycle facts will blow your mind, some will make you smile and some will make you scratch your head.

Hopefully you will increase both your knowledge and enjoyment of motorcycle riding - maybe it will even help you win a trivia quiz as you display your astounding smarts! 

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Since the early 1970’s Japanese  motorcycle manufacturers have dominated the MotoGP championships; however, no Japanese rider has won the MotoGP championship.

Japanese manufactures are strong in MotoGP

Few have created wide spread public interest in motorcycles as Evil Knievel (Robert Craig Knievel).  With over 75 ramp to ramp jump attempts from 1966 to January 1977 he captivated public interest.  He is dubbed the Godfather of extreme sports.

The original daredevil

In the 1930's foreign made motorcycles were very rare in the USA. However, Bill Johnson opened a Triumph Motorcycles dealership in a high traffic area of Pasadena, California. He sponsored races and quality racers during the 40's - 60's. His efforts paid off as Triumph sales grew in the USA. He has been dubbed "America's Man of Triumph."

 America's Man of Triumph - Bill Johnson   

The tiny island known as Isle of Man is home of the famous Isle of Man TT motorcycle race.  The 37.73 mile (60.725 km) course has some amazing records.  The fastest lap is held by Peter Hickman on a BMW S1000RR at 16:42.778 minutes!  Average speed was 135.452 mph (217.989 km/h) and he was running Dunlop tires.

Peter Hickman at the Isle of Man on his BMW S1000RR

The world famous Motor Maids began in 1940 with 51 members.  Today membership exceeds 1,200.  The first president was Dot Robinson and she was the president for 25 years.  To quote from the Motor Maids’ website “Today, 81 years later, the Motor Maids, are one of the oldest continuously operated Women’s Motorcycling Organization in North America.  Joining the Motor Maids will enlarge the 1,300+ membership that is a diverse group with a passion for riding, promoting safe riding habits and showing the world a positive image of ladies on motorcycles.

Early members of the Motor Maids

With good weather comes more motorcycle riding and unfortunately more accidents.  The most common configuration of motorcycle accidents in the United States is when a motorist pulls out or turns in front of a motorcyclist, violating their right-of-way.  Be careful and be alert!

Intersections are high danger zones

Four different retired police Harley Davidson motorcycles were used in the classic Easy Rider movie.  The “Captain America” bikes were Hydra-Glides that were “chop” to make the distinctive motorcycle.  The builders were Cliff Vaughs and Ben Hardy.

The Iconic Captain American Motorcycle

Kenny Roberts, riding a Yamaha, became the first American to win the Grand Prix Motorcycle World Championship in 1978.  He repeated the feat in 1979 and 1980. Roberts is credited as the first rider to use his knee for balancing in the corners and for using “throttle steering” – using engine power to spin the rear tire as the bike is exiting corners thus helping steer the bike.

Kenny Roberts during his first World Championship season  
Duke Cannon for Bikers - tough on grime!  
Six-speed motorcycle transmissions are pretty common today, but it was in 1965 the first 6-speed was introduced to the USA public. The Suzuki Hustler had been in Europe and Japan for two years when in it’s third year of production the Hustler was sold in the USA. 
The Six-Speed Suzuki Hustler
In October 2018 Ana Carrasco became the first female to win a World Championship in solo motorcycle road racing.  Ana won the FIM (in English – International Motorcycling Federation) Supersport 300 Championship.  She won two races and placed in the top 10 six of eight races and finished in the points in all eight races.
Ana on her Kawasaki 300

Original motorcycle leathers were modified tank corps gear after WWI.  The duster coats were shortened so they would not get caught in the wheels of the motorcycles.  The American classic leather jacket with the diagonal zipper and squared off collar was invented in 1928 and was made famous when worn in the 1953 motorcycle classic movie The Wild One by Marlon Brando.
The Wild One - Marlon Brando
The oldest “off-road” competition n the FIM calendar is the International Six Days Enduro (originally called the International Six Days Trial).  The ISDT first event was in 1913 in England.  Other than interuptions due to WWI and WWII the event has taken place yearly and at various locations.  In 1964 the first USA team of Steve McQueen, Bud Ekins and others competed in the ISDT.
The grueling six day event takes it toll!
The stopping power of disc brakes is highly efficient and standard on modern motorcycles.   The Lambretta TV175 Series 3 scooter boasts of being the first two-wheeler with a disc brake.  In 1975 the Honda CB750 Four was the first production motorcycle to use front and rear disc brakes.
1975 Honda 750

As of September, 2020 Honda is the largest manufacturer of motorcycles on the globe.  Honda has 33 production facilities in 22 countries and sells the most units (motorcycles, scooters, mopeds and ATVs) worldwide.  The Big Red Wing’s Super Cub has accounted for over 100 million units since its debut in 1958

Honda produces a wide variety of motorcycles

Founded in 1921 Moto Guzzi is celebrating 100 years!  The company was a venture between shipowner Emanuele Vittorio Parodi, his son Giorgio and Carlo Guzzi.   Moto Guzzi motorcycles were some of the best-performing racing motorcycles from the late 1930’s to mid 1960’s.

1938 Moto Guzzi 250

Honda’s CEO Kawashima in 1963 set an ambitious goal of increasing sales in the USA from 40,000 to 200,000!  Grey Advertising came up big with the slogan “You Meet the Nicest People of a Honda.”  Using children, housewives, young couples and other respectable people in the ad changed the perceptions of motorcyclists in the eyes of the public and increased the popularity of Honda to record levels.

Honda's highly successful 1964 ad campaign

Shozo Kawasaki started his company Kawasaki in 1878.  During the postwar reconstruction of Japan Kawasaki grew into a leader of helicopter manufacturing.  In 1966 a small team was sent to the USA charged with breaking into the motorcycle industry.  Kawasaki’s presence was felt quickly but in 1969 the company produced the legendary Kawasaki H1 powered by the Mach III.  The two-stroke triple was for a time the most powerful production bike in the world.

1963-1975 Kawasaki H1 MachIII

One of the largest increases in motorcycle riders in the USA came directly after World War II.  Veterans returned home after having ridden motorcycles during the war (Harley Davidson provided about 90,000.  The economical growth in the USA and the surplus of motorcycles created a positive environment for motorcycling growth.  The cruiser style gained in popularity at this time.

Motorcycle popularity grew after WWII

Dallas Thibodeaux and Rozell Nunn, Jr organized the first National Biker Roundup in 1977 in Kansas City, Kansas.  The rally has grown from 49 riders to well over 30,000 riders attending the now five-day event and the NBR websites states, “”The National Biker Roundup is the largest camping motorcycle rally in the USA and is organized by a group of African American motorcycle clubs.”  Attendees donate food and/or money for local charities.  Unique to the rally is the yearly change of venue (with every 10th rally returns to the home city of Kansas City).  The 2021 rally will be in Perry Georgia August 10-15.

The highly successful National Biker Roundup

Ducati brothers, Adriano, Bruno and Marcello founded an Italian company making components for radios.  During WW2 the factory was destroyed forcing the brothers to restart in spite of great hurdles to overcome.  The new company started making four-stroke engines and in 1945 they produced their first motorcycle operating as a manufacturer for Cucciola.  In July 1949 Ducati made the first Ducati 60.  The brothers’ financial difficulties in 1948 led to the sale of Ducati to the Italian government. 

1949 Ducati 60

Happy Groundhog Day!  During the early 20th century motorcyclists in northern countries just could not stand not riding in the winter, so riders started putting studs on tires and riding on ice.  It wasn’t long until the ideal of ice racing emerged.  The first recorded ice race happened in 1924 in Sweden, according to the Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM).  Soon longer studs were used and lean angles increased.  In 1939 the first sanctioned race was held in Moscow.  Ice racing has grown and spread across the world.

Early ice racing

Early motorcycles used wire spoke wheels.  In 1927 the Czechoslovakian company B√∂hmerland fitted a motorcycle with cast wheels, but it would not be until the 1970’s popular motorcycle manufacturers started using them on road bikes.  The Yamaha RD400C was the first by a big maker to be sold with cast wheels.

Yamaha RD400C with cast wheels

1949 saw the introduction of sidecar racing in the World Championship.  The British duo of Eric Oliver (rider) and Denis Jenkinson (passenger) on a Norton Manx won 2 races and finished with 27 points.  Eric won the championship 3 more times with two different teammates.  Eric made some innovated changes that advanced the sport.

Eric Oliver was a leading force in sidecar racing.

The first time motorcycles were used in combat was 1916 when General “Black Jack” Pershing used Harley-Davidson J-series motorcycles to engage Pancho Villa in the rugged terrain of the SW desert.   The general and the US Army liked what they saw during the 11-months in Mexico leading to more extensive use in WWI.

Men on HD getting ready to hunt for Pancho Villa

The first Boss Hoss V8 motorcycle was built in 1990 by Monte Warne, a commercial pilot.  Working in his 5,000 sq. ft. shop in Dyersburg, TN.  Powered by the Chevy V-8 motor the Boss Hoss produced 350= horsepower!  Since then Monte has grown Boss Hoss Motorcycles and has dealerships in multiple countries.

Custom painted early Boss Hoss

The famous motorcycle case scene and jump with Steve McQueen in the classic movie The Great Escape was done in one take.  The 65-foot jump over the fence was done by stuntman Bud Ekins on a 1961Triumph TR6 Trophy (painted to be a German BMW R75).  Artist Von Dutch converted the motorcycles for the movie while working for Ekins at Bud’s shop.

The Great Escape iconic motorcycle jump

Many adventure riders enjoy riding unpaved mountain passes in the Rocky Mountains, but on August 10, 2013 John Ogden Jr. road his big Victory Vision over Ophir Pass (11,789 feet) near Ouray, Colorado.  He set two world records that day: First Victory motorcycle over Ophir Pass and largest displacement (1731-cc) motorcycle ridden over the pass.  John is a National Evangelist for the Christian Motorcyclists Association.
John Ogden Jr. at Ophir Pass

The sidecar predates the motorcycle, but in 1903 W.J. Graham from Enfield, England put forth a patent for a motorcycle sidecar.  The sidecar gained popularity extremely quickly due to lower cost and usefulness.

Adapted from their use with bicycles, the sidecar became very popular. 

Although “lane splitting” or “filtering” is common in Europe it is not in the USA.  In 2017 California passed AB-51 make lane-splitting legal and is currently the only state where it is legalized.  Utah legalized “filtering” – a motorcycle moving between two lanes of traffic when traffic is stationary.

1914 saw 30 motorcycle manufacturers in the United States.  Henderson, Excelsior, Flying Merkel, Thomas, Ace, Yale, Cleveland, Pierce (maker of Pierce-Arrow cars), Cyclone, Iver Johnson, Orient, Curtiss, and Royal were among the US makers of motorcycles.  However, Indian and Harley-Davidson were the only motorcycle manufacturers to survive the great depression.

Early American motorcycles at the Wheels Through Time museum in Maggie Valley, NC

Suzuki made weaving looms for Japan’s silk industry in the early 1900’s.  In the 1930’s founder Michio Suzuki began an engineering firm and began manufacturing cars and engines.  In 1952 Suzuki produced its first motorcycle, the Power Free, it was a motorized bicycle.  On Sunday November 15, 2020 Joan Mir and his Suzuki won the MotoGP World Championship.  

1952 Suzuki's first motorcycle

Joseph Merkel started making single cylinder motorcycles under “The Merkel” moniker in 1902 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  By 1905 Joseph was making racing motorcycles and became a leader in the American racing world.  He patented an innovating spring front fork which was the precursor of today’s telescopic front forks. He also developed the rear monoshock system.  “All roads are smooth to the Flying Merkel” became one of the company’s taglines.

The Flying Merkel circa 1914

1980 saw Honda and Kawasaki leading the way with fuel injection.  Kawasaki equipped the Z1000 with fuel injection raising the weight slightly and the price approx. $500.  It took a while for other manufactures to make the change, but now fuel injection is the standard.

Kawasaki1980 Z1000 with fuel injection - new technology at the time.

ARAI is recognized globally for high quality racing and road riding motorcycle helmets.  ARAI began as a hat company in Japan by founder Hirotake Arai who was a motorcyclist and at one time a motorcycle stunt rider.

Check out a review of the Arai Profile

The longest running production motorcycle is the Royal Enfield Bullet.  The Bullet first appeared in 1932 but did not begin its continuous production until 1948.  In many countries it is considered a beginner’s motorcycle.

1948 Royal Enfield Bullet

Jim Davis became the first winner of an AMA sanctioned national flat track race in 1924 on a 1-mile track in Toledo, Ohio.  Later in life he stated, “I won the first official race I entered and won a pair of rubber goggles and a quart of oil.  I was on top of the world.”  Racers these days get a little more than that when they win.

Flat track racer Jim Davis in the 1920's

The Harley Davidson Sportster is one of the most widely recognized motorcycles in large part for its versatility and the face that it has been in production since 1957.  The Sportster has been produced continuously since its introduction, the longest of any HD model.

1957 Harley Davidson Sportster with 883cc engine

Improvements to motorcycle braking has always been welcomed.  In 1952 the first hydraulic brakes were used on motorcycles, a technological advancement still used today.
Valentino Rossi MotoGP
Valentino Rossie hard brakes prior to a turn.

September 22, 2020 – Kronreif & Trunkenpolz Mattighofen (known as KTM) is an Austrian company which created its first prototype motorcycle in 1951 and is now a leader in dirt bike motorcycles. 

Founded in 1903 the Yonkers Motorcycle Club in New York is the oldest MC.  The clubs first president George Eller guided the group transition from the Yonkers Bicycle Club to the Yonkers MC.  The club was an early sponsor of a lot of motorcycle events.
Yonders Motorcycle Club - AMA chartered chapter #6

In December 1978 the first Dakar Rally took place with 80 cars, 12 trucks and 90 motorcycles (182 vehicles).  There was no separation or divisions among the vehicles.  74 vehicles finished with Frenchman Cyril Neveu winning the inaugural race, even without winning any individual stage.  Cyril eventually won four more Dakar Rally races in 1980, 1982, 1986 & 1987.  After the first year of the rally vehicle divisions were created.

Cyril Neveu Dakar Rally 1986 on Honda 780 NXR

Harley-Davidson’s 1965 Electra-Glide was the last Harley made with the Panhead engine and it was first “big” Harley with an electric start.  This is a highly collectable motorcycle. 

Restored 1965 HD Electra-Glide

Long thought to be impossible, in 2000 Carey Hart successfully rotated a backflip on a full size motorcycle.  Although he crashed on the landing it was a complete backflip.  It was two years later before Caleb Wyatt landed the backflip without crashing.  

1994 saw the development of dual-compound tires which provided harder rubber in the center and softer rubber on the shoulders.  The harder provided more durability and the softer gripped better for cornering.  Michelin developed the dual-compound tires for motorcycle racing.  

Developed for racing , dual-compound tires have improved performance for street bikes

The record for the longest motorcycle jump is credited to Robbie Maddison.  Robbie jumped 346 ft (107 m) in Melbourne, Australia on March 29, 2008.

World's longest motorcycle jump by Robbie Maddison

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally celebrates it’s 80th anniversary this year.  August 1938 the Jackpine Gypsies Motorcycle Club hosted the first rally called the “Black Hills Classic” with a small audience and one race with nine riders.  The rally grew from original racing and stunts and by 1961 included the Hillclimb and Motocross races.

Main street Sturgis during the rally

The “Hollister Riots” took place during an AMA motorcycle rally in Hollister, California in 1947.  The minor damage caused to the town was overblown and some in the press sensationalized the event.  Marlon Brando later starred in The Wild One based on the legend of the “Hollister Riots”.

Iconic photo by Barney Peterson that has become part of the Hollister legend

Triumph built its first motorcycle in 1902 using a Belgian Minerva engine.  Three years later an all Triumph motorcycle was produced with a 3hp engine with a max speed of 40-50 mph. 
The beginning of a great history - 1905 Triumph

In May 1935 T E Lawrence had a motorcycle accident and died. His doctor, Sir Hugh Cairns, felt T E Lawrence might have lived if he had worn a helmet. The doctor began researching and campaigning for the use of motorcycle helmets in the UK.

Sir Hugh Cairns, doctor to TE Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia)

Motorcycle rallies in the USA have a colorful and diverse history.  The Laconia Motorcycle Week is held in New Hampshire and can boast of being the oldest national motorcycle rally dating back to 1917 when Harley-Davidson and Indian promoted the first official Gypsy Tour at Weirs Beach in Laconia.
Laconia Bike Week History
Laconia Bike Week July 1917
Dual brakes on a motorcycle are standard now, but it was Douglas Motorcycles that introduced the first dual brake system on a motorcycle in 1923 on a model commonly called the TT.  This was a big step in motorcycle technology and I am glad!  Can you imagine only rear brakes on a modern bike?
Douglas Motorcycle
Douglas Motorcycle with dual breaks.

The first Isle of Man TT was held on May 28, 1907.  In the history of the  race, Joey Dunlop stands above all the racers having amassed an incredible 26 victories.  Current racer John McGuiness has 23 victories.  Both amazing riders who have done much for the sport.
Joey Dunlop Isle of Man
Joey Dunlop during an Isle of Man TT

In the 1910’s motorcycle board track racing was a very popular spectator sport in the USA. With speeds nearing 100 mph, on highly cambered boards soaked with oil from the exposed valves being pumped with oil by the riders (“total loss” engine design), only inches away from other riders and NO BRAKES made the races exciting and deadly.   The high death rate and the quick deterioration of the tracks spelled the end of board track racing by the end of the 1910’s.  EXTRA READING
Motorcycle Board Race in the 1910's
Motorcycle Board Race in the 1910's was intense

The 11 miles of US Highway 129 on the Tennessee/North Carolina state line known as Tail of the Dragon began as an animal trail and was used by Native Americans and early settlers.  For a period in the 1800’s a toll both was on the road to collect the toll from travelers (mile 3 – Toll Booth Corner). In 1992 Doug Snavely rode the Dragon and soon was promoting the road as the place for motorcyclists to visit and ride.  Today the 11 miles with 318 curves Tail of the Dragon is a favorite of motorcyclists and car enthusiasts.

Locateed at mile marker 3, the toll booth was opperated by locals - photo circa 1890s
Not mentioned often together is Harley Davidson and MotoGP; however, in 1974, 1975 and 1976 Italian Walter Villa won the 250cc class MotoGP championship on Harley Davidson bikes designed by Aermacchi’s chief engineer Ing William Soncini. In 1976 Villa also won the 350cc class on a Aermacchi Harley Davidson giving the American Manufactorer its only four MotoGP championships.  In 1978 HD sold Aemacchi to Cagiva.
Walter Villa in 1976 riding at Nurburgring

The first official Jack Pine Endurance Run was held in 1923. This 800 mile, three day off road race took place in the back country in Michigan.  Riders faced unique and various obstacles: rivers, deep sand, elevation change, mud, thick underbrush to name a few.  A point system was used and the winner was rewarded a cowbell.  Eventually a trophy was also presented.
Riders in the Jack Pine Endurance Run had to be prepared for anything!
The Detroit (Illinois) Police Department. has the distinction of being the first to receive the Harley Davidson police motorcycle in 1908.  Berkeley, California Police Department followed in 1911 and started an official motorcycle patrol unit – the earliest recorded motor patrol unit.
Harley Davidson Police Motorcycle - 1909

In 1902 Indian sold its first single cylinder motorcycles and built 143 that year.  In 1903 co-founder and head engineer Oscar Hedstorm set a world motorcycle speed record at 56 mph.  Boy things have changed!
Co-Founder Oscar Hedstrom
1903 Fabrique Nationale de Hertal in Belgian became the first manufacturer to put shaft drive on its 188cc single-cylinder motorcycle.  A year later the FN300 came out, also with shaft drive and in 1905 introduced the FN Four, an in-line four-cylinder with shaft drive.
1905 FN4 - check out that shaft drive
The Silver Bird was a twin-engine streamliner motorcycle built Don Vesco using two four-cylinder Yamaha  694.9 cc two-stroke engines.  Riding the Silver Bird in 1975 Don became the first to ride a motorcycle 300+ mph.
Don Vesco and the record-setting Silver Bird
Today all motorcycles manufactured have uniform control placements i.e. clutch lever on the left handle bar, front brake lever on the right handlebar…  Early motorcycle manufactures did not have these guidelines, so clutch, brake and other safety mechanisms were placed at the company’s discretion.  In 1972, federal regulations were determined creating a less confusing and safer experience for riders.
Standardized controls make swapping manufacturers safe and easy.
Tommy “Tombo” Bolton became the first African-American on a motorcycle to hit and surpass 200 mph.  In 1990 at the Ennis Texas Motorplex Tombo rode his turbo-charged, alcohol-burning Suzuki Funny bike hit 205 mph.
Tommy Bolton won 25 championships in his career!

In 1924 Brough Superior was the first company to advertise it’s motorcycle, the SS100, top speed was 100+mph.  The bikes were tested and if it did not reach 100mph it was returned and worked on until it could.  Brough Superior motorcycles were the first to come with a 1000cc v-twin, twin headlights and crash. 

The Pikes Peak Hill Climb debuted in 1916.  The road is 12.42 mile with 156+ turn and has 4,720 feet of elevation gain.  Floyd Clymer won the motorcycle class riding an Excelsior with a time of 21:58.4.  Floyd Clymer start the Clymer repair manual series.
Newspaper photo of Floyd Clymer

Yamaha started in 1887 as a piano manufacturer.  In 1955 the first Yamaha motorcycle, the YA-1, a 125cc single cylinder).  Known as “The Red Dragonfly.”  It was a big hit so Yamaha expanded and in 1958 the YA-1 arrived in America. 
1955 Yamaha YA - 1
Leslie Porterfield is a member of the Bonneville 200 mph club.  She became the Guinness Book of World Records' Fastest Woman in the World on a Motorcycle with her land speed record set at Bonneville in 2008.
Leslie at the salt flats
The almost universally used telescopic fork suspension was first manufactured by BMW in 1932 for the R12.  However, today BMW does not use the system on its big bikes.

Telescopic Forks on a modern sports bike
On February 28, 2015 Swedish motorcyclists Robert Gull set a world record for the fastest motorcycle wheelie ON ICE!  206.09 km/h which is 128.06 mph.  He set the record in Arsunda, Sweden. I would like to see that!
Robert Gull in Sweden popping a wheelie on ice

in 1904 Indian was the earliest manufacturer to use the twist throttle on a production motorcycle.  Not much as changed with the twist throttle has changed in over 100 years.
1904 Indian motorcycle
The first MotoGP competition was held in 1949 with British rider Leslie Graham Winning the premier class of 500cc motorcycles.  Leslie was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for bravery in WWII prior to his racing days.
Leslie Graham - the first 500cc MotoGP World Champion
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 In 1903 Harley Davidson used a tomato soup can for a carburetor as they build their first motorcycle in a small wooden shed in Milwaukee.
The shed at the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
At 4 feet 11 inches and 88 lbs, Sally Robinson made history in 1937 by becoming the first female to receive a motorcycle license in Washington D.C.
Sally Robinson in Washington DC.
The rarest motorcycle in the world is the Traub motorcycle.  It is the only one in existence.  Built in 1916, but not found until it 1967 in a space behind a wall in a Chicago house.  The Traub is on display at the Wheels ThroughTime Museum in Maggie Valley, North Carolina.
The 1916 Traub, the rarest motorcycle in the world.  I have visited Wheels Through Time Museum 3 times.  It is great. 
Gottlieb Daimler a German engineer and inventor is credited with building the first motorcycle in 1885.  We sure have come a long way to the awesome machines we have today.  
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