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Friday, April 8, 2016

Taking care of the feet

On February 18, 2016 fellow blogger and international biker Gary France posed a question on his Flies in your Teeth page - "You cannot ride without....what"?  I thought it was a very good question and it made me examine what I pack for my multi-day trips.
Gary's blog
Gary later posted compiled and organized lists from all the answers submitted -Essential riding items - The Results.  The lists are a great place to start for any biker planning a ride.

For his "Something you wear when riding" category I answered "comfortable socks."   Tired, hot (or cold), sweaty feet at the end of the day are not comfortable.  So, as discretionary income has increased over the years I have tried different and more expensive socks.  Although I still can not bring my self to pay $10+ for one pair of socks I have moved away from the 12 pack sock purchase.  (At times I have been called "cheap", I prefer to think of myself as frugal.  After all, I want to maximize my gas and tire budget so I try to save in other areas).

I watch for and purchase higher quality hiking socks when they are on sale.  I am glad I have started do this!

REI Performance Crew - REI.com
Many of  the specialty hiking or running wicking socks have proven to make a day of riding less stressful on my feet.  In particular the REI Performance Crew and the REI Side Stripe Sock have become my two favorite motorcycle riding socks.
REI Side Stripe - REI.com
Both pair have flat toe seams, wicks moisture away, dries quickly and because they are made with some spandex they are flexible and durable.  The Side Stripe is my #1 choice.  The comfort and performance helps my feet to feel much better at the end of the day whether riding, hiking or a combination.

On colder days I will wear sock liners with these socks to keep my feet warm.  During the warmer times these socks work great at wicking moisture and are not too warm on the feet.

In the past I would not of thought spending more on socks would be a worthy investment, but I have changed my mind.  Having been blessed to get to take a lot of multi-day trips with some all day riding I can honestly say a good pair of socks makes a BIG difference.

Take care of your feet and they will take care of you.