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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

He is legal and on a Kawasaki Ninja 250

It took longer than I thought, but it is done - Richard is now a legal licensed motorcyclist. 
Arrived home ready to show off his paper!
Getting a motorcycle license for a 15 year old takes several steps (at least in Texas, but I suspect most states are very similar).  We opted for the parent taught program.

1) Obtain a drivers permit (allowing a driver to drive when accompanied by a licensed driver at least 21 years old).  This required the first 6 hours of "classroom" instruction and passing the state "Driver's Permit" test.  (3 hours at the DMV to get this done)

2) Complete and pass the Motorcycle Safety Course.  He completed and passed the course even with the test portion taking place in some light rain. 

3) Complete the remaining 26 hours of "classroom" instruction.  This took some time because school was ending and there were a lot of activities and tests.

4) Pass the Class C test.  (3.5 hours of waiting just to take the test!)  This was accomplished Monday (June 11). 

5) Schedule a riding test and then pass the riding test (scheduled test are 6 weeks out!  Collin County has one DMV to service a very populated area).  So how did he get to take the riding test so soon?
Ready to take the test
Here is the story behind getting scheduled so quickly.

After he finished the test on Monday the lady finalizing the paperwork mentioned she was a new employee.  She never mentioned to us anything about scheduling the riding test.  Once out of the building I checked the paperwork.  She had issued a class CM license (which is the designation for a motorcycle license)!  I called a friend in the sheriff department and told him what was on the paper.  Sure enough it was legal.  We were pumped that we would not have to suffer through the long lines.

Later I got a message - the DMV had caught the mistake and I needed to call them first thing Tuesday morning.  I called at 8:00 when they opened.  Since it was their mistake they would give him the test as soon as I could get him and the bike to the DMV!   "We will be there at 8:00 tomorrow morning", I said.

We arrived and were assisted as soon as they opened.  He was taking his first legal ride home by 9:00!

On the way home as a licensed biker!
We are both stoked!  He followed me home.  We stayed off the main roads, but he did great! 

He will only ride when I am riding for now.  I will ride with him to youth group tonight (he is ready to show his friends) and we will start riding a lot.  He needs to get some miles in the saddle before we leave for Orlando, Florida on July 11th.
Proud dad and new biker
Let the adventures and awesome memories begin.
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