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Monday, December 12, 2016

Jeans for cold weather riding

 Riding in the winter
The weather in North Texas is temperate enough to allow riding year round.  The temperatures in North Texas do not get too cold for too long. When is does cool off most rider still like to get out and  ride, especially when there is a worth cause that will benefit from bikers generosity.   When the temperatures do drop motorcycle riders break out the cold weather gear and layer up so the ride is enjoyable.

New riders need to be prepared for the cooler temperatures so they can join in the fun of these riders, especially prior to the Christmas season because that is when so many great benefit rides take place.

Trying to warm up inside on a cold morning for a charity ride.
I do not have heated grips or a heated seat.  Nor do I have heated gear like a heated vest, or gloves.  So, I have to be prepared for the cold temperatures.  Knowing I would want to ride in many of the events around Christmas as well as ride with friends even when it would be colder I bought a pair of jeans in April, but did not get to wear them until December.  I sure am happy I bought them.

Non heated jeans for the ride
I purchased a pair of Cabela's Roughneck fleece lined jeans that were on sale in April.  They are traditional 5 pocket jeans with a quality YKK zipper.  The jeans are "relaxed cut" and 100% cotton fleece lined. The fleece was very comfortable on the skin.  The denim is well made and durable.

The jeans feel great and are not excessively bulky, but I could definitely feel they were heavier than typical blue jeans.  Mobility was not hindered.  I was able to throw my leg over the bike with no problem, or at no more than usual for an old man.  I was comfortable in the saddle of my Honda VFR 1200.

I rode the bike in the lower 40's for a lunch ride.  We left McKinney and road out in the country where the temperatures drop a little.  I did not get cold.  I felt good and comfortable.  On a different day it was mid 30's when I started off so I wore a pair of long-johns with the jeans.  The combination was perfect.  Once again I was comfortable and warm.  Never did I feel like I needed more.

Video look at the jeans
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These fleece lined jeans are a great alternative to heated gear and it is much more economical.  A new rider who wants to ride when it is cold, but not sure if he or she will like it enough to ride often when it is cold these jeans are a great option.  Combine these jeans with good Black Diamond gloves and a rider can stay comfortable.  It is unsafe to get too cold so make sure you gear up for the colder weather.  I highly recommend these Cabela's Fleece lined jeans!

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