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Monday, June 6, 2011

Country roads

Other bloggers have posted photos and/or comments about the beauty and joy of the less traveled small country road so I resisted making a similar post.  Recently while taking the long scenic way to see my parents I could not resist taking some pictures and I feel compelled to share them.

North of Decatur, Texas I took some roads I had never ridden and am glad that I did.  I don't really want to concentrate on a particular road or route as much as share some thoughts and photos from the countryside.  In Texas we have Interstate Highways, State Highways, Farm to Market (FM) roads, and County Roads (CR).  The CR's may or may not be paved, but never have a "shoulder."  Most have barely enough room for two full size cars or truck to pass each other.
CR 2360 north of Decatur, Texas
It is the CR's that offer much to see, hear, smell, and enjoy.  If you are wanting to eat up some miles the CR's are not where you want to be riding.  CR's are about slowing down and enjoying the surroundings.  Vegetation, livestock, wildlife, and houses are just a few feet from the edge of the road - you are part of the scenery when riding the CR's.
Getting a photo of the bike on CR 2372 is no problem - there is so little traffic on the CR's.
The way of life and the speed of life is more relaxed and simple.  The farms and/or ranches stretch out for miles.  Abandoned houses and barns make me wonder about the tales of the area. 
I wonder how many have been thrown from this "mechanical bull?"
While exploring the countryside I came across a secluded little lake, Black Creek Lake just off of CR 2461.  The lake is off the beaten path but has a lot of charm.  I stopped and enjoyed the peaceful surroundings.  
 Black Creek Lake
A play set for the young with my play set in the distance.
Old cemeteries are abundant in the countryside.  I find them interesting.  The old headstones tell so much about the residents.  Oaklawn Cemetery is a historical cemetery off of CR 2140 that is the final resting place of many from earlier centuries.  During the early spring the cemetery is covered with Bluebonnets (the Texas state flower) and is a very pretty and peaceful location.  It is very popular for photographs of the pretty flower. 
Oaklawn has a lot headstones that are 100+ years old.
Although Bluebonnets don't last long, especially when it starts heating up, the Indian Paintbrushes were still looking good.
Indian Paintbushes
When you are not in a hurry and you have time and a desire to relax take a ride down some country roads.  I find it so refreshing and enjoyable.  An added bonus is the absolute lack of cages!