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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Cindi's NY Deli in Dallas gets your motor running

Considering I have never been to New York (but certainly want to visit sometime) I can not speak to the authenticity of Cindi's NY Delicatessen, but I give BIG Kudos to the Dallas eatery.
Cindi's downtown Dallas location - 306 South Houston St.
Visiting downtown Dallas is not something I do often, but at least once a year I head that way for the International Motorcycle Show.  This year I decided to go early and have breakfast somewhere near the convention center.  After some research I decided to take a chance on Cindi's and I am very glad I did.

At 8:45 A.M. my friend, Mac, and I arrived at the simple building housing Cindi's.  We were greeted with a smile and told to sit wherever we wanted.  The server quickly presented us with menus and took our drink order.

The menu is full of standard breakfast choices as well as a lot I had never seen (I suppose they were standard items at a NY deli) i.e. Lox & eggs, Matzo Brie, Cheese Blintzes and Latkes.  Making a decision took some time and a few questions for the server.

Mac ordered the Deli Omelette (corned beef and pastrami) hash browns and a bagel.  I opted for the French toast with one egg and sausage.  It did not take very long until our food was served hot and fresh.
Deli Omelette with hash browns and bagel
Mac's omelette was served "pancake style" - folded over it self creating 4 layers.  The meats were flavorful and complimented the eggs. The omelette and hash browns were enough to fill him up so he had to take the multi-grain bagel with him.  Mac commented, "this is the best omelette I have ever had" and I know for a fact he has eaten a lot of omelettes.
French toast with egg and sausage
My French toast were made with thick Texas sliced bread, cooked to a golden brown & yellow and sprinkled with powered sugar.  Six slices to the order!  The texture and flavor of the toast lived up to my high anticipation.  They tasted as good as they looked.  The egg and sausage were fresh and high quality.  I finished it all.  Good thing I did - when I paid out the various pastries at the counter were very tempting.
Freshly made turnovers
We both left completely satisfied and looking forward to returning in the future.  The time arrived sooner than expected.  Around noon several of us at the International Motorcycle Show began making lunch plans.  None of us wanted to drive somewhere only to drive back and pay the crazy cost of parking so we discussed options within walking distance of the show.

Mac and I mentioned Cindi's along with our praises for the breakfast we had.  Everyone was agreeable to a .7 mile walk to try lunch at Cindi's.  Once again no one was disappointed.  Two pastrami Reuben sandwiches, one corned beef Reuben, one turkey Reuben and one turkey burger were ordered.  I had sweet potato fries with my turkey Reuben.
Turkey Reuben with sweet potato fries and slaw
The Rye bread was grilled with a little butter, the turkey was thinly sliced, the Swiss cheese was a flavorful, but not strong and the sauerkraut topped the sandwich off perfectly.  The slaw had a fresh and traditional flavor.  I ordered the sweet potato fries crispy, which they arrived as ordered.

Once again the meal was filling and although the fresh pastries and desserts (cheesecake, key lime pie and cookies) were tempting I just did not have any more room.
More pastries, donuts and cookies
The lunch was a perfect lunch to go with the show.  It's difficult to top a sunny day, motorcycles and good food.   

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Fried Pies - a great reason for a ride

I have been know to enjoy homemade pies (I Love to Ride for Pie, Old Time Diner, Pie in Colorado).  So a stop at a fried pie shop was only natural, also a good ride deserves good food.

The Original Fried Pie Shop in Gainesville, Texas is a worthy destination to satisfy a pie craving.  The shop is located just north of the Gainesville Outlet Shops on the southbound side of I35.  Located adjacent to a Conoco gas station the shop could be easily overlooked.  (The current google map has the wrong address & location)  The address is 4346 I-35 Frontage Road, Gainesville, TX 76240.
The Original Fried Pie Shop offers more than fried pies
The shop has a complete menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner along with 11+ fried pie flavors, many with a sugar-free option.
Friendly down home service is par for the shop
Each fried pie is hand made daily with quality ingredients.  The crust is light and flaky while the filling is fresh and flavorful.  They are big - not the palm sized fried pies you get a lot of places, but about 7 - 8 inches wide!
Tasty Cherry fried pie
A counter full of freshly made fried pies!
Various special varieties are available at different times.  Last time I stopped by the Apple-Pecan fried pie was the special for the day.
An assortment of fried pies makes it difficult to choose
There are enough options everyone should be satisfied.  My favorite is the coconut, but the cherry was also awesome!  Not too sweet or too tart.  Haven't had anyone complain about any of them.

Stopping by for a meal, a snack or grabbing some to take home you will not be disappointed.  So when near the Red River in north Texas stop by and enjoy some pie goodness.