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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Feedlot in Leakey, TX

The Hill Country of Texas is an awesome place to ride and work up a good appetite.  If you take the time to ride the famous "Three Twisted Sisters" (FM 335, FM 336, & FM 337) you ride through Leakey and past The Leakey Feed Lot (547 US 83).

The three FM roads make up "Sisters" along with the north connecting Hwy - TX 41 and a short stretch of TX 55 between Camp Wood and Barksdale make up a 100 mile loop through some great Texas landscape.  The roads a full of twisties, hills, and a variety of Texas scenery.  (Photo take on FM 335)

This is not a loop for inexperienced riders.  The roads follow canyons and at times there are some steep drop offs which little or no guardrails.

There are several exotic ranches along the way.  One ranch on FM 335 even had giraffes.

On two separate occasions I have ridden the "Sisters" in the morning and returned to Leakey for lunch at the Leakey Feed Lot.  At first glance I did not think the place was open and if you get after 2pm and before 5pm it is closed!  Actually it is open only on Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 11-2 & 5-9 and on Sunday 11-2.  (Photo from www.leakeyfeedlot.com)

On both occasions we sat outside in the front of the restaurant and watch the bikes go by.  I ordered the cheeseburger and fries.  The order came out hot, fresh, and on a paper plate - kind of surprising, but did not damage the burger.  The fries were hot and cooked just right (for me).  The veggies on the burger all seemed fresh.  The meat was lean and seasoned well.

The burger hit the spot and filled me up.  Although I did not have the chicken fried steak I have heard it is really good.

So go enjoying the Three Twisted Sisters and then fill your stomach with some good food at the Leakey Feed Lot.  You will greatly enjoy both uniquely Texas experiences.

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