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Sunday, March 1, 2020

Best Waterproof Motorcycle Boots for Miles and Miles

 It isn't always sunny
If you ever had to ride for very many miles with soggy socks and wet feet you know the importance of waterproof riding boots.  The experience of riding with wet feet is so uncomfortable. It can destroy the enjoyment of the entire ride.
Photo by Bruno Kelzer on Unsplash
Learning the Hard Way
I learned the importance of quality waterproof boots when I attended my first benefit ride in 2004.  It was a VFW Poker Run on a drizzly Saturday.  I was so excited as I geared up and put on my boots, which were water resistant at best.  After 30 minutes of riding in drizzle and light rain my boots, socks and feet were thoroughly soaked. I finished the poker run and ended with the second place hand, but I hated every squishy step I had to take.  After getting home and drying out, I decided to make sure I would never go through that unpleasant experience again.

Not Everyone has Learned the Same Lesson
Amazingly I have known many new and experienced motorcycle riders who spent good money for a nice helmet, a protective jacket, gloves and reinforced riding jeans or riding pants, but overlooked waterproof protection for his or her feet.  Choosing a great waterproof motorcycle boot is very important, especially if one plans to ride a lot and/or on longer trips.  Weather can change quickly and a rider needs to be prepared.  Good boots also provide protection in case of an accident or mishap.
On a recent ride with a local group I noticed this person is not ready for rain or a accident
My First Two Pairs
My first pair of waterproof boots were the Harley Davidson FXRG-2 (now discontinued) boots. They worked great and were comfortable, but a little pricey.  When it came time to replace them I started researching waterproof riding footwear. There were a lot of options with a wide price range.

After reading reviews and shopping around for over four months I decided my next pair of boots would be a pair of Rocky boots.  Rocky claimed the boots were waterproof, so I took a chance and ordered a pair of 8 inch boots with side zippers.
After years of use and miles of riding it was time to retire the Rocky boots
At the time I purchased them I did not think of photographing them, but wished I had.  I found the boots comfortable from the very beginning.  I wore the boots while riding in multiple states and in Europe through all types of weather conditions.  In June 2017 I rode in the Alps in Switzerland and Italy.  I had plenty of opportunities to ride in the rain and the boots lived up to the waterproof claim. 
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Comparison of the older soles with the new boot's sole.
For over 6 years and literally 100,000+ miles of riding the boots were found to be comfortable, durable, breathable and they kept my feet dry during the most heavy rain storms and warm in cold weather.  They were comfortable even for a day of walking when I wasn't on the bike. The non-slip soles claim proved to be true and were very durable.
The full grain leather looks great and can take a lot of usage. 
The Rocky boots (I am not 100% sure what the model was, but if it was not the Alpha Force it was the almost just like them) performed so well for me I decided I wanted another pair of Rocky's.

The seams never loosened or broke
My lovely wife surprised me at Christmas with the latest Rocky Alpha Force zippered boot!  I was so pumped.  Coming right out of the box they looked great and the leather felt strong.  The workmanship and materials are high quality.  The zipper is sturdy with big teeth and a large pull and slider makes it easy to secure.  I love the zippered boot.  The zipper makes it quick and easy to put on or take off the boot and the tightness of the laces stay consistent.

Santa a.k.a Jennifer gave me a great pair of waterproof boots
Made with full grain leather and 1000 denier nylon fabric the boot was a little stiff, but with use has softened up.  Rocky states "...boots have been built with Rocky waterproof construction, this creates a barrier that is guaranteed to keep water out".
The fit and finish is top notch
My feet are cradled by the soft insole which is very supportive and comfortable while riding or walking.  The out-sole has effective grip and is advertised as non-marking and resistant to oil and slipping. When I place my feet down during a stop I have a firm base and feel very secure.
Non-marking, non-slip absorbent soles

Full-grain leather will hold up to the demands of riding
 Riding with Confidence
Indication from my first pair of Rocky boots is that the leather and soles will hold up under a great deal of wear including the toe shifter.  The 8 inch boot provides support for the ankle and coverage for the lower calf, which is important in case of an accident.

I am looking forward to many miles and hopefully dry miles, but if it rains I know my feet will stay dry and comfortable in my Alpha Force Boots by Rocky.  When it comes time for your next pair of boots consider Rocky Boots.

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