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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Max's, Colorado City, Colorado Review

Topping of a good ride with a good meal seems appropriate if not necessary.  Colorado is not lacking for great roads with twists, curves, ups, downs and impressive scenery.  Discovering local eateries which serve up outstanding food is not as easy as finding a great road, but when it happens the combination is worth sharing.

The 36 miles of Colorado 165 running from Colorado 96 near North Hardscrabble Creek to I25 in Colorado City is a road worth riding and enjoying, especially if you end at Max's in Colorado City.  Colorado 165 features a good combination of sweepers, tight curves and elevation changes.  Bishop's Castle sits on the northwest side of the road 24 miles out of Colorado City which is an interesting place to stop and explore.
Photo from TripAdvisor
Riding east into Colorado City Max's is on the north side of the road.  There is a good amount of parking and it is in decent shape.  Max's has both inside and outside seating.  Outside seating faces southwest with a good view of the mountains.

The service was quick and friendly and the atmosphere is welcoming with country hospitality.  Although the sign says Breakfast, Burgers and Dairy Treats I opted for the Green Chili (something that is difficult to find in Texas).
Max's Green Chili - photo by Oz
The bowl of Green Chili was topped with shredded cheddar and served with a flour tortilla.  It arrived hot (but not too hot) and gave off an appetizing aroma.  Before adding anything to it I tasted a spoon full - wow!  No need to add anything.  The ground meat, beans, spices, tomato and green chili's mixed to create a flavorful meal with just a little "heat."

The tortilla complemented the chili.  Enjoying the view, the atmosphere and every spoonful made for a great lunch.  To top the meal off I ordered the fresh baked blueberry pie a la mode.
A great way to complete a meal - photo by Oz
The pie was served warm with soft-served ice cream.  Flaky crust and berry rich blueberry filling makes for a great homemade pie - this was one of those pies.  The pie without the ice cream would also be great.  The pie could stand on its own.

The kicker to the meal was the overall value.  The old fashioned service and cooking was matched by some old fashioned pricing.  There is not many place in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex (if any) where one can get this quality and quantity for less than $10.
So when you are in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains check out Colorado 165 and grab a bite to eat at Max's in Colorado City.