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Friday, January 3, 2020

Why a Motorcycle Blog - Revisited

My son and I in North Carolina in July of 2011
Original Objective
Why did I start the The Ordinary Biker Oz blog?  I began the blog in September 2007 with the goal of being useful to both new motorcycle riders and experienced motorcyclists.  One of the original objectives was to provide straightforward and honest reviews without crazy, absurd and/or silly comparisons. As I stated in the introduction post "I read several motorcycle magazines and websites. I especially like the product reviews, except for the unique descriptions (which are often silly) that journalist sometimes use to try to sound clever".  I actually heard a comparison between the sound of a sport bike motorcycle to a million mad hornets - how does that help?

Although the blog has evolved and hopefully improved, the founding purpose remains "to give straightforward reviews of items that I have personally used, places I have eaten, roads I have traveled, and/or bikes I have ridden."  Occasionally I did share some more personal post with one of my favorite was about my dad and our trip with Honor Flight to Washington DC for World War II veterans.
Wendell Osburn PFC, Purple Heart recipient talking to some brave American soldiers. 
2020 and Beyond
With the beginning of 2020 I want to renew the goal to provide useful information and reviews.   Encouraging and helping bikers to ride safely, comfortably and often, is part of that goal. 

With my goal in mind I have recently made some improvements and additions to the blog.  Please notice the tabs below the blog description.  The "Recommended" page provides links to numerous other sites including my own personal YouTube Channel, The Moto Oz webpage (I am a co-owner and will say more about Moto Oz products below) and affiliate businesses.  I want to be honest and upfront with you about my affiliate business relationships. If you use the link to visit one of the affiliate business and make a purchase I get a small commission, but your low prices are not affected.  Any purchases are greatly appreciated and will aid in fuel fill-ups :) .
Standing by 1909 HD which Dale at Wheels Through Time Museum told me based on the photo of my Grandfather, is probably the same year & model.
The tab for "Top Review Post" will display the seven most read reviews on the Ordinary Biker Oz blog.  The V Star 1100 Review is the top review and it has been read over 57,000 times while the Arai Helmet review has been read over 1,200 times.  These reviews have been used by a lot of riders to gather information.  The page will change when other reviews have more views.  I will update 2-3 times a year as needed.

Feedback Appreciated
I am always open to suggestions, questions and comments.  If you would like more information on a review, or would like to see some specific reviewed or discussed I will try my best to help out.  You can follow the blog via email, just enter your email address below.
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Moto Oz the side business

2019 Beat The Heat tour in Colorado, stopped at a reservoir on the Highway of Legends - CO 12.
Another aspect of our Moto Oz venture is the Beat The Heat summer motorcycle tour.  We call it Beat The Heat because we leave Texas for a week during the hot summer and spend a week in a cooler climate.  The Rocky Mountains in Colorado and New Mexico or the Smoky Mountains around Tennessee and North Carolina are the favorite riding spots.  There are many great roads to ride.  We have been doing the summer trip for 12 years and it has changed into the Beat The Heat tour.  I plan and organize the trip and lead the rides each day.

In 2020 we will be going to southwest Colorado where we will ride the Million Dollar Highway (aka US 550) and The Silver Thread Scenic Byway (aka CO 149).  We will stop at the small on of my favorite bakeries in Lake City, CO.  We will spend time in the historic towns of  Ouray, Silverton, Durango, Telluride and Ridgeway.  I am planning to add more trips per year in the future.  Once I retire I would like to conduct 4 to 5 tours a year and several long weekend trips.

Be safe and I hope to see you on the road
I hope you find some of the posts useful, informative, humorous or at least mildly entertaining all the while being honest and straightforward.  As stated above, comments, questions and suggestions are always welcomed.
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# Based on reviews, word of mouth and discussion with others I recommend this company.  I have an affiliate relationship with this business, which means if you follow this link and purchase, I will receive a small commission and will get to ride more!
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