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Friday, October 26, 2012

You gotta stop here! Lake City Bakery

If you read many of my posts you know that I love to eat, especially when it comes to local one of kind establishments.  There is something special about the service, atmosphere, the people, and flavor at those places.

On the recommendation of my youngest sister (I have seven - for real), I made plans to stop at the Lake City Bakery while riding the Silver Thread Scenic Byway in southwest Colorado.  I was really looking forward to riding the Silver Thread, I had heard a lot about the historic road and towns. I was not disappointed.

I left Montrose, Colorado early June 27th, but I did not eat breakfast because I was going to stop at the bakery.  The ride was great.  I saw a cow elk as I ascended out of the Grand Valley on my way east on US 50.  At the east end of the Blue Mesa Reservoir I turned south on CO 149 and rolled on the throttle.

With very little traffic, a lot of curves, and plenty of elevation change the FJR was singing, I was smiling, and the stomach was growling. Officially the Silver Thread Scenic Byway does not start until Lake City and runs south 75 miles to South Fork, CO, but all of CO 149 is great.

As I neared the small town of Lake City I started looking for the small house bakery on the west side of the road.  I saw the occupied tables and chairs in front of a small white with blue trim building and knew I had found the bakery.

Cozy little Lake City Bakery welcomes customers

While parking I saw a steady stream of morning customers entering and exiting with big smiles.  The customer area is very small.  Three adults will fill up the space, but the aroma of fresh pastries makes the cramped quarters enjoyable.

There were so many options.  Donuts, muffins, pastries, breakfast burritos, sausage rolls, and more!  Being a lover of blueberries I chose the blueberry cheese pocket.  I sat outside and enjoyed every bite.  It was so fresh and tasty.  I found it difficult not to go buy more stuff!
 Blueberry cheese pocket
 I continued on the Silver Thread to Creede, CO before turning around and returning to Montrose.  On the way back through Lake City I ate lunch and could not resist the pull to stop by the bakery one more time.  I bought the Blueberry Crunch to take with me.  I was going to enjoy it at an overlook of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison.
Blueberry Crunch!
While enjoying the scenery at the Black Canyon of the Gunnison and the road CO 92 I savored every bite of the Blueberry Crunch.  I was very impressed with both items from the bakery.  I know that the next time I am in Lake City, Colorado I will be stopping by the Lake City Bakery!
Black Canyon of the Gunnison
If you are in the southwest area of Colorado make sure to ride the Silver Thread and enjoy some great food at the Lake City Bakery.


  1. Haven't travelled much in Colorado but if I do this looks like a great place to head for. I love that you have saved some summer experiences to savour throughout the year .... Thanks for keeping the riding experiences fresh.

  2. I don't know what looks better, the scenery or the baked goods. Great combination for a ride.