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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cool off at a natural waterpark

Seems like everyone in the South looks for ways to cool off during the hot summer months.  My son and I are no different, even when on our summer trips we look for ways to stay cool.  We have taken rafting trips during our last three summer trips and we visited a unique natural water-slide in North Carolina while on our 2011 summer trip.
Sliding Rock is a favorite for many vacationers
Just south of the Blue Ridge Parkway and US 276 intersection and north of Brevard, NC lies Sliding Rock.  Sliding Rock is overseen by the National Forest Service and has an entry fee of $1/person.  Lifeguards are on duty ensuring safety for all.

Sliding Rock is a natural 60-foot waterslide that flows in to a 7-foot deep pool that was developed by the US Forest Service for this recreational area.  The water flows quick enough to "push" swimmers down the slide and into the pool.  The water is very cold, but is refreshing on hot summer days.
My son enjoys a slide as he heads to the pool at the bottom

Most in our group did not put on their swimming suits and participate, but the natural surroundings were great and it was nice to relax watching and laughing.  The ride to get there was great.  We road the Wayah Road to Franklin, NC where we jumped on SH 28 (Moonshiner 28) down to Highlands.  From Highlands we road US 64 through Brevard turning north on US 276.  The roads are great.  Twisties, bridges, shaded stretches, sweeping curves, and awesome scenery.  We passed by some great waterfalls between Franklin and Highlands.
 Bridal Veil Falls has a pullout directly under the falls
Uniquely named Dry Falls
When we left Sliding Rock we continued north to the Blue Ridge Parkway where we head southwest to US 74 where we headed back to Robbinsville.
Cloudy day on the Blue Ridge Parkway
The ride to Sliding Rock is worth the time even if you don't stop, but if you are there the $1 fee is a great value to look at, if not experience, this natural waterslide.


  1. nice to see that they fixed Bridal Veil Falls. A few years ago a huge section fell off in the winter and blocked off some of the pull off. 28 is a great stretch of road..

  2. How Fun - What a great cooling off spot! Reminds me of our swimming spots back when I was a kid. Ours wasn't as spectacular, just a series of small rapids that we could slide along. Did the trick though.

    The falls is beautiful.

  3. This looks like a fun place for kids and adults! I didn't know natural water parks existed, North Carolina isn't too far away from us either. Usually in the summer time we go to the Great Wolf Lodge by us but we aren't against taking road trips to new places.

  4. Enjoy your reviews! Thanks so much! Very interesting and informative.