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Monday, January 12, 2015

Two online companies to try!

Through the years I have ordered motorcycle related gear, equipment, accessories, clothing... from several companies.  I have recently been looking at The Motorcycle House and Viking Bags.  Although Motorcycle House has been around for 7+ years, until recently I had no knowledge of them.


My contact with them has been pleasant.  All dealings have been courteous, professional and prompt.  They are sending me a jacket and the website states "1 Business Day shipping."

The company states, "We're passionate about Motorcycles regardless of what Model and Make you ride."  This is evident by the wide selection of 1/2 helmets, Full Face helmets, jackets for men, jackets for women, full leathers for sport bikes and more! 

Prices are VERY competitive, which coincides with the company goal "to help riders save money and also provide the best customer service possible."  I like their prices and so far the customer service.

Once the VikingCycle Bloodaxe Leather jacket comes in I will let you know what I think of their product.

I am currently not in the market for cruiser luggage and/or saddlebags, but Viking Bags has some great looking luggage.  They have a wide selection of products they manufacture.  They stand behind the products with a good warranty and exchange policy.


They also make sport bike luggage that looks very well made, stylish and functional.  I am especially interested the saddlebags for my son's ZX6R Ninja.
I really think both companies will continue to grow, thrive and service the biker community.  Check them out.

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  1. Motorcycle house is sure building a name for itself quickly.