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Thursday, January 22, 2015

France in America - long overdue post

In June, 2010 fellow blogger, motorcyclist and long-trip rider started a 21,000 miles through 27 states of the USA (link to day one of trip).  Prior to the trip he spend months researching, purchasing and preparing for the epic adventure which included shipping his bike from England to New York City in America.

During Gary France's research he came across my blog.  He read and commented on my post about Spearfish Canyon we corresponded and read each others blog.  I found his pending trip fascinating and I was jealous.

Many motorcyclists found his blog and began following his prep and his trip.  His posts were informative and well-written.  His photos were AWESOME (check out his photos of Yellowstone NP) and his numerous videos were of equal quality (link to one video).  I especially liked his 1,000 miles photos - a picture taken of his bike (check out the great paint job) each time he logged 1,000 miles (link).

By the end of his trip he was being encouraged to write a book about his trip.  After some relaxing back home in England he decided he would publish his tale and a lot of his photos.  All who were following his blog were very happy of his decision.  He kept us updated on the progress of the writing/publishing of the book.

Gary offered to send anyone who had posted a comment to his blog, during the trip, a complimentary copy of his book "France in America"!  His generosity is humbling and greatly appreciated.
Cover photo of book - taken from Gary's website

When I received my book it was like Christmas!  I was blown away by the size (400 page) of the coffee-table book.  The quality is top-notch with a first-class finish.

France in America takes the reader from New York City to Los Angeles through 27 states, numerous national parks, past great vistas and introduces the reader to some of Americas best citizens.  He shares facts, details and his heart.  His photos serve up a wide variety of beauty the USA has to offer.
The route of his trip
I highly recommend France in America for anyone who loves motorcycles, traveling or Americana.  Readers will enjoy each page of stories, insights, details and photos. The book is awesome! You will not be disappointed with your purchase.  Purchase the book through Gary's book site or Amazon.

Also check out Gary's website.  He has all kinds of info including many other tours he has taken in Europe.  His vast riding experiences and thorough planning makes for great trips and great reading.  Any of us on the USA side of the pond should contact him before experiencing Europe.  He can provide great info.

Thanks Gary for the incredible book and for sharing your experiences with all of us.  I apologize for the tardiness of this overdue review of France in America


  1. Excellent review, Thomas, +1 what you said. I was one of the lucky recipients of Gary's book. It is an inspiring good read.

  2. Welcome back to blogging.

    A great review of Gary's book. It sure is something to behold. I too have a copy and it holds a dear place in our living room.