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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Back at it!

Well it has been 26 months since my last post on this blog.  I could make excuses and/or give a lot of details as to why I have not posted, but I doubt that is necessary or desired by anyone reading this.

Latest ride - 2012 Honda VFR, bought May 2014

I suspect no one has lost any sleep over it so I plan to just to start posting and hope I can keep to the original objective stated in my introductory post from 2009 "...to give straightforward reviews of items that I have personally used, places I have eaten, roads I have traveled, and/or bikes I have ridden."

New posts will be more frequent than every 26 months :)  Hoping to post at least every 3 weeks.

July 2014, loaded up on the Pikes Peak Hwy in Colorado

Thank for reading.



  1. Welcome back Oz. Roll on the motorcycle riding.

  2. Hello and welcome back to the Blogosphere. I hope life has treated you well during 26 months (really, was it that long?) hiatus. Looking forward to read new stories from the road.

  3. Thanks for all the understand and the "welcome back.'

  4. Welcome back, nice bike you got there, many happy rides and don't forget to post them.

  5. Nice to you back on the blog. Of course, would love to read a review of the VFR1200, particularly as a cross-country tourer.

  6. Steve,
    I will do a VFR review pretty soon. I want to get plenty of miles on the bike before I post.