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Monday, May 3, 2010

Awesome customer service

Review furnished by avid rider, trusted friend, and JAOB blog reader.  See J. Horn's first review about a quality jacket and his review about riding the Alpine Loop.

Custom Accessories - An Example of Great Customer Support

My used VStrom 650 came with a 12-volt weather proof power socket made by Custom Accessories  that had been installed by the previous owner. However, there was no power at the socket. I traced the problem to a bad ground connection. I removed the socket and found that the connection between the ground sleeve and the connector pin was open.

I emailed Custom Accessories about the problem, and they responded the next day with instructions to return the socket to them. So, a couple of days later, I boxed it up and sent it with a note explaining that I was not the original purchaser and would gladly pay for a replacement, since I had not been able to find a local supplier who had one in stock.

To my surprise, on the following day, I received a UPS package, containing a brand new socket! They must have sent a replacement before receiving the one I sent in. This is what I would call EXEMPLARY CUSTOMER SERVICE, and STANDING BEHIND A PRODUCT!!

Custom Accessories markets various kinds of automobile accessories, from HID light kits to seat belt pads and steering wheel covers. They will be at the top of my list of suppliers when I need any of these kinds of items.

Custom Accessories does not sell direct to end users, but you can find a list of retailers who carries their products at their web site.
J. Horn on the Alpine Loop - California Pass elevation 12,930


  1. That kind of service is worth a shout out to the masses. Thanks for letting us know about these fine folks.

  2. We carry similar products at our online store and would also appreciate joining the the fantastic blogs listed on your blogroll. This is Jay Green from RoadCaptainUSA.com wishing you many safe rides. Keep the shiney side up!

  3. Great customer service. Thanks for sharing!