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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


On Saturday April 24, 2010 at 10:20 on TX 5 at the south edge of Howe, TX my 2003 VStar 1100 reached 100,000 miles!
100,000 miles on an air-cooled v-twin

It was a pretty spring day in Texas
Just wanted to share the milestone.  Bike is running great although I have a small oil leak that I am trying to track down.  I think I know where it is and how to fix it, now I just need to do it.

I decided to "celebrate" by take one the best roads in our area to Sherman, where I had a scheduled meeting with the area Christian Motorcyclists Association (CMA) leadership.  I continued north on TX 5 into Howe where I turned east on FM 902.  There is a nice duo of sweeping curves a little way out of Howe and the small country road is in good shape and lightly traveled.

FM 902 end in Tom Bean where in intersects TX 11.  I turned east for one block and then turned north on FM 2729 and head to FM 697 known as Old Ida road.  Old Ida road is an eleven mile stretch of great curves and hills with some great views of the area.  I missed about 3-4 miles of the eastern most part of FM 697 but I greatly enjoyed the ride.

It was a pretty day and there was no traffic.  I even pulled a U-turn to go back and take some pictures of the donkeys that were grazing.  There was a herd of about 20.  I have seen a lot of donkey, but it just seemed like a good time for a photo.
Momma and baby away from the herd
FM 697 a great road in the NT area.
FM 697 is not the Tail of the Dragon, but it is a great road and I enjoyed the celebration of the milestone by dragging some floorboards on the curves and enjoying the scenery.


  1. That is some milestone. Even more impressive when you calculate how many miles you have averaged each year on in since 2003. What a great idea to celebrate it by going for a ride!

    In my book, that makes you quite different from the name of your blog. It makes you a special biker! Well done.

  2. I actually bought the bike used in March 2005. When I rode it off the lot it had a little under 14,000.

    86,000 in 5 years is 17,200/year. Not bad. I actually had to take a friends bike on a 5,000 mile trip the summer of 2008 due to the VStar being worked on.

  3. Not Bad??? 17.2k a year for 5 years is PDG in my opinion!!

  4. What a great friend to let you take his/her bike for on a trip and a 5k one at that.... This is a great mile stone. I bought a used V Star 1100 Classic in September '08 and then left for Iraq 3 month's later. I love the V Star better than my Vulcan and I average a little over 10k a year, mainly because I have a wife that don't ride and 3 girls 6 and under. But i do ride year round to work, short rides, long rides, and trips by myself or with somebody. Love the V Star and hope to reach your mile stone....

    You now have one beautiful Royal Star. Ride hard and Safe and most of all God Bless!

    Jake USAF

  5. Jake, Thanks for your service to our country. I greatly respect and appreciate all of our armed forces.
    Yes, he was an awesome friend. He volunteered his bike when he heard mine was in the shop and I might have to not go on the trip. He is a great guy.
    Be safe also and if you take care of the VStar you will reach 100K.

  6. I actually hope to put even more on my Venture. I hear they can last up to 200k+

  7. Hey, great blogs. I've read through most of them. What happened to the 1100? Did you trade it for the Venture, or keep it?

  8. RobJ,
    I sold the Vstar 1100 and the guy is loving it and still riding it.