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Friday, November 6, 2009

You just got to love a good hangout and accessory store.

North of Dallas is a little community named Westminster. This tiny town actually has boast of being the home of Westminster College at one time and was a cotton market and retail center for the area in the 1920's. The Great Depression caused a lot of people to move and the decline continued for many years.

With around 390 residences you would not expect to find a hotbed of biker activity, but that is what you will find on a nice weekend. 

Photo from Big Slick's website
Big Slick's Bar and Grill and the Motorcycle Outpost team up to provide a great watering hole and biker accessory shop.  Housed in the old bank and attached building Big Slick's grill will serve up a great hamburger and fries.  The order of nachos is big and there is plenty to share with your friends.  Both indoor and outdoor sitting is available so riders can take advantage of those nice days of sunshine.

The Outpost is upstairs and the owner Jerry will welcome with a big smile.  You will find a good assortment of patches, shirts, leathers, sunglasses, and other accessories at the best prices around.  On site sewing is also offered for your patches.

Take US 75 north from Dallas or south from Sherman and then exit FM 455 and go east into Anna.  Ride over the railroad tracks once FM 455 intersects TX 5 then turn left on FM 2862.  FM 2862 is a great road and it will take you directly to downtown Westminster and to the front of Big Slicks and the Outpost.

You can also turn left on FM 2862 from TX 121.  Check out a good Texas map and you can find several good ways to get there.

Big Slicks and the Outpost are open Friday 11am - midnight,  Saturday 11am - 1am, and Sunday Noon - 10pm.

Plan a ride out to Westminister if you have never been.  You will enjoy it.   MAP

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