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Friday, November 20, 2009

Luggage for the long trips

I have been blessed to be able to take my son and go on some really long trips on the bike over the last 5 summers.  Packing for these trips has proven challenging, but having good luggage really helps.  I have had the same brand and type of luggage now for 5 years.  I moved from the large to X-large in the same model before the 2009 summer trip because my son's clothes keep getting bigger.

I chose the TourMaster Nylon Sissybar Bag with Barrelbag in 2005.   The system allows three different setups of luggage (sissybar bag only, barrelbag only, sissybar bag & barrelbag).  The barrelbag sits on top of the sissybar bag and stays secure with a length wise zipper and latches on both ends of the luggage.  The tops of both bags secure shut with a large area of hook & loop closures.  (Picture from http://www.tourmaster.com/)
Both bags are constructed of water-resistant heavy-duty nylon and synthetic leather, but Tourmaster includes a waterproof rain cover.  The rain cover fits tight and can completely cover a tightly packed unit and includes a drawstring so that the bottom opening of the cover can be minimized and slack in the cover removed. 

The sissybar bag has two large side pockets and a front pocket that has a zippered pocket to store the rain cover and other small and thin items.  The barrelbag has a pocket at both ends for smaller items.  The barrelbag also comes with a rigid internal support to help maintain the shape of the bag even when lightly packed.  The mounting system is adjustable so that the bag can be used on any bike.

I have used the bag a lot and I have been very please with the durability.  The combination is a good value and will last a long time.  I am looking forward to using it on many more trips.

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