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Thursday, April 22, 2010

I hate wet feet when riding

This is my second post concerning riding boots (first post).  I have found that if my toes are cold or my feet are uncomfortable riding becomes less enjoyable so quality footwear is important for comfort as well as safety/protection.

A few months ago I acquired a pair of Icon Accelerant Waterproof boots from Riders Discount.
Great soles on the Accelerant Waterproof boots
The boots are made with an anti-slip rubber compound soles that grip very well in all weather conditions.  Leather and nylon uppers give the boot a nice look, a sturdy feel, and great durability.  There is a "shin deflection strap" that makes the boots fit snug and keeps the laces from flapping around.  The shin deflection strap has an aluminum lock buckle that works smoothly.

The boots fit snug.  If you wear a size 9 and are use to them being a little loose you will not find that the case with these boots.  If you were wanting to be able to wear some thick socks during the cold weather you may need to purchase one size bigger than usual.  The boots felt great as soon as I put them on.  I did not need any "break-in" time. They are very light when compared to other boots.  Icon claims they are the lightest boots Icon makes.  I believe them.
Photo from the Icon Riders Discount

I wore the boots in the snow during one of the rare occasions it snows here in North Texas.  My feet never got wet.  When riding in the rain the feet stayed dry.  The boots have lived up to their claim of being waterproof.

What stands out the most to me is the comfort.  I have worn the boots for over 12 hours a day during my trip to and from Orlando.  At the end of the day I wasn't just rushing to take the boots off.  The boots support the feet and ankles very well.  The cushion is not enough to play 3 hours of basketball, but it is enough for a day of riding and site seeing.  These boots are as good for riding as they are for walking.

If you are needing a good waterproof boot checkout the Icon Accelerant Waterproof boot.  I think you will find them a great buy.


  1. The perfection a biker seeks - waterproof boots that are comfortable. Heaven. They do look good....

  2. I like the pink soles. Bobskoot will definitely want a pair.

    But I should look into a pair of these for everyday riding. Thanks for the review.

  3. Hey now - it was just the lighting, the soles are really red - I promise. They are good boots.

  4. I also hate wet feet. I have jump type boots I get at the local Red Wing store. I got them for under $100. And they fit perfect.