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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Pizza in the Rocky Mountain town of Leadville

If you perform a quick search for "pizza" on this blog you will find I like pizza and two of my favorite pizza restaurants are located in Colorado.  Well, I found another place in the Rockies that serve up great pizza.

Our annual Moto Oz Beat The Heat motorcycle tour (we leave Texas when the temperature get high) in July of 2016 was based out of Breckenridge, Colorado.  On Thursday of the trip we rode to Aspen and I experienced my first ride over Independence Pass - CO 82.  Wow, what a fun road!  It is also a road on which one cannot afford to let his/her concentration slip.
Of course we had to stop at the overlook of Independence Pass and check out the view.  The short walk up the small hill is worth the time.  The view of the Collegiate Range with Mt. Elbert, Colorado's highest peak at 14,439 feet, was breathtaking.
After making it to Aspen and  looking around for a little while we wanted to get away from the crowd.  We  decided to ride back to Leadville for lunch.  I had read reviews on High Mountain Pies and decided we should try the pizza.  Once in Leadville it was easy to find High Mountain Pies.  The place was one block west off the main road, US 24 on 4th Street.
High Mountain Pies - 115 W. 4th St., Leadville, Colorado
The small blue building had limited seating inside, but several picnic tables outside.  There was a good crowd at the restaurant even after 1:00, which signals people must like the place.
Due to the size of our group we commandeered two picnic tables and ordered some pizza, salads and drinks.  The outdoor seating was a nice atmosphere and we enjoyed the crisp mountain air.

The pizza was handmade to order.  We did not mind waiting the 20 or so minutes.  We relaxed in the shade sipping our drinks.
 Being a bunch of guys we ordered the all meat pizza with thin crust.  The pizza arrived fresh and hot.
Hot meat pizza from High Mountain Pies

By the end there was no need for a doggie bag.  All the pizza was eaten.  The ingredients were fresh, the spices were flavorful and the crust was a great base for all the toppings.  I love it!  If you are riding through Leadville, Colorado and it is time to eat stop by High Mountain Pies - you will not be disappointed.