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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Leather Jacket review

The VikingCycle Bloodaxe Leather Jacket is made from quality buffalo leather and is sold by Motorcycle House for $99 (as of Feb, 2015) with free shipping in the USA on orders over $89.
Men's Jackets                              Women Jackets

I received my jacket 3 days after the order was placed.  My initial reaction to the jacket was very good.  The jacket is made with quality leather and feels very strong.  Stitching is solid, zippers are heavy duty and armor is typical for motorcycle jackets.  The removable armor includes back, elbows and shoulders.
The jacket has two front zippered pockets, a right sleeve key pocket, two chest vents and two back vents.  The sleeve key pocket is an interesting feature and I believe I will use it.  Cuffs have zippers to allow for bigger openings when needed.
Right sleeve key pocket
The removable quilted lining has one zippered pocket on the right side, two smaller pockets and two pen holders on the left chest.  The leather jacket has two zippered pockets (one on each side).  I like having pockets so this is a positive for me.  When the lining is removed only the two zippered pockets are left.
Right inside pocket
Left side pockets
Side and back reflective stripes not only provide added visibility, but adds to the stylish look.  The back zippered vents allow for air to flow through when riding on warmer days.
 The Velcro side adjustment straps allow for customizing fitting. 
Durable leather
Reflective stipes
Thick leather that will protect a rider 
Armor (removable allows for daily or non-riding wear)
Speedy and friendly service from Motorcycle House
Vents and removable lining
Pockets! (but don't like losing 3 when the lining is removed)
Value - big bang for the bucks  
The quilted shoulders give a nice look, but sleeves are too long
Weight (using nurses scales - 4.8lbs without the armor)
Sleeve length (I am use to sleeves being a little long, but these cover over 1/2 my hand, and yes I know I am short :)   5'6")
Cuff openings - big even when zipped - difficult time getting gloves over the cuffs before riding
Overall I like the jacket.  Being in North Texas I will not have weather cold enough to wear the jacket often.  Even with the lining out the jacket is very warm.  I can see wearing the jacket when not on the bike.  It is nice enough for casual wear and/or jeans.

The Bloodaxe Leather Jacket is a great bargain.  It is far superior to many budget jackets and yet is does not break the bank.  
With the overall quality and value offered by Motorcycle House and the review of one of their trunks at Utah Motorcyclist I can see ordering other items in the future.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Rocky Mountain Pizza

When traveling you can find some great local restaurants that help to make the trip memorable.  The one of a kind, family owned, friendly eatery you enjoy telling your friends about (or in my case I enjoy posting about them).

I have found two pizza places in Colorado which belong in that category of great finds.  Beau Jo's in Idaho Springs (has 8 locations, but to me it is still a "local" place) and Poker Alice in Lake City are among my favorite for a good meal with a relaxing atmosphere and mountain views.

This post is about Beau Jo's.  Later on I will post about Poker Alice.

 Photo from Beau Jo's website
Idaho Springs sits between exits 239 and 241on I-70 west of Denver.  The Colorado Gold Rush had its first significant find in Idaho Springs.  Old mines and equipment can still be seen in town.  Beau Jo's is located at 1515 Miner Street one block north of I-70.  

Beau Jo's menu has a lot of choices. Pizza, salads, sandwiches, calzones, Beaughetti (spaghetti service in a pizza crust bowl) and much more.  For the pizzas they offer 4 different crusts, 10 sauces, 9 cheeses, 14 meats, 19 fruit & vegetables (with several gluten free options)!  Wow, the combination possibilities!
Photo from Trip Advisor
I have personally eaten at the Idaho Springs Beau Jo's three times and when they had a place in Old Colorado Springs I visited 3-5 times.  I have always been satisfied.  The flavor is great, the ingredients are fresh and of high quality and the service is on the spot!

I really like the thick outer crust of the pizza.  Beau Jo's provides honey on the table so you can enjoy the outer crust with some honey and butter for dessert.  It is great and unique.

Before or after your ride up Mount Evans (one of my favorite scenic roads) stop by Beau Jo's for some pizza pie.  You will love it!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

France in America - long overdue post

In June, 2010 fellow blogger, motorcyclist and long-trip rider started a 21,000 miles through 27 states of the USA (link to day one of trip).  Prior to the trip he spend months researching, purchasing and preparing for the epic adventure which included shipping his bike from England to New York City in America.

During Gary France's research he came across my blog.  He read and commented on my post about Spearfish Canyon we corresponded and read each others blog.  I found his pending trip fascinating and I was jealous.

Many motorcyclists found his blog and began following his prep and his trip.  His posts were informative and well-written.  His photos were AWESOME (check out his photos of Yellowstone NP) and his numerous videos were of equal quality (link to one video).  I especially liked his 1,000 miles photos - a picture taken of his bike (check out the great paint job) each time he logged 1,000 miles (link).

By the end of his trip he was being encouraged to write a book about his trip.  After some relaxing back home in England he decided he would publish his tale and a lot of his photos.  All who were following his blog were very happy of his decision.  He kept us updated on the progress of the writing/publishing of the book.

Gary offered to send anyone who had posted a comment to his blog, during the trip, a complimentary copy of his book "France in America"!  His generosity is humbling and greatly appreciated.
Cover photo of book - taken from Gary's website

When I received my book it was like Christmas!  I was blown away by the size (400 page) of the coffee-table book.  The quality is top-notch with a first-class finish.

France in America takes the reader from New York City to Los Angeles through 27 states, numerous national parks, past great vistas and introduces the reader to some of Americas best citizens.  He shares facts, details and his heart.  His photos serve up a wide variety of beauty the USA has to offer.
The route of his trip
I highly recommend France in America for anyone who loves motorcycles, traveling or Americana.  Readers will enjoy each page of stories, insights, details and photos. The book is awesome! You will not be disappointed with your purchase.  Purchase the book through Gary's book site or Amazon.

Also check out Gary's website.  He has all kinds of info including many other tours he has taken in Europe.  His vast riding experiences and thorough planning makes for great trips and great reading.  Any of us on the USA side of the pond should contact him before experiencing Europe.  He can provide great info.

Thanks Gary for the incredible book and for sharing your experiences with all of us.  I apologize for the tardiness of this overdue review of France in America

Monday, January 12, 2015

Two online companies to try!

Through the years I have ordered motorcycle related gear, equipment, accessories, clothing... from several companies.  I have recently been looking at The Motorcycle House and Viking Bags.  Although Motorcycle House has been around for 7+ years, until recently I had no knowledge of them.

My contact with them has been pleasant.  All dealings have been courteous, professional and prompt.  They are sending me a jacket and the website states "1 Business Day shipping."

The company states, "We're passionate about Motorcycles regardless of what Model and Make you ride."  This is evident by the wide selection of 1/2 helmets, Full Face helmets, jackets for men, jackets for women, full leathers for sport bikes and more! 

Prices are VERY competitive, which coincides with the company goal "to help riders save money and also provide the best customer service possible."  I like their prices and so far the customer service.

Once the VikingCycle Bloodaxe Leather jacket comes in I will let you know what I think of their product.

I am currently not in the market for cruiser luggage and/or saddlebags, but Viking Bags has some great looking luggage.  They have a wide selection of products they manufacture.  They stand behind the products with a good warranty and exchange policy.

They also make sport bike luggage that looks very well made, stylish and functional.  I am especially interested the saddlebags for my son's ZX6R Ninja.
I really think both companies will continue to grow, thrive and service the biker community.  Check them out.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Back at it!

Well it has been 26 months since my last post on this blog.  I could make excuses and/or give a lot of details as to why I have not posted, but I doubt that is necessary or desired by anyone reading this.

Latest ride - 2012 Honda VFR, bought May 2014

I suspect no one has lost any sleep over it so I plan to just to start posting and hope I can keep to the original objective stated in my introductory post from 2009 " give straightforward reviews of items that I have personally used, places I have eaten, roads I have traveled, and/or bikes I have ridden."

New posts will be more frequent than every 26 months :)  Hoping to post at least every 3 weeks.

July 2014, loaded up on the Pikes Peak Hwy in Colorado

Thank for reading.