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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Protect those feet & ankles.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation recommends over-the-ankle leather boots when riding motorcycles. A good pair of boots is a worthy investment.

I have owned two different pairs of boots. The first were the Side-Zip Highway Boots ($80-$90) by River Road. They were comfortable and durable. The side zipper was very convenient and aided in keeping a snug fit. Once I had tied my laces with the exact amount of tightness that I wanted I never had to mess with them again. The zipper let me put my boots on or remove them comfortably and without disrupting the laces.

The sole was a durable slip-resistant rubber and had another year or so worth of wear when I replaced them after 3+ years of use. I wore them all year in all four seasons. The only reason I replaced them was that one of the zippers broke.

The boots were water-resistant, but not waterproof. I used waterproof boot covers when I had to ride in the rain. Otherwise they were great boots.

I replaced the River Road boots with the Harley Davidson FXRG-2 boots ($125-$180) with Gore-Tex. These boots cost about twice as much as the River Road boots, but I no longer needed to wear boot covers during the rain. In the summer the Gore-Tex fabric allows the feet to breath and yet are totally waterproof (I have ridden is some hard rain and walked t
hrough ankle high water).

The soles are slip-resistant, but do not seem quite as durable as the River Road. The boots lace up and the laces must be loosened to remove the boots. The boots fit great and are very comfortable. I can wear the boots all day, even when I spend a great deal of time walking and not just riding.

Would I buy either pair of boots again? Yes. If I had to pick one it would be the FXRG-2 boots. I really like that the Gore-Tex fabric is breathable and waterproof. As far a style and looks both boots are great. So, if you don’t ride in the rain you can save some money if you buy the River Road boots.

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