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Thursday, April 1, 2010

I finally found one I like!

Honestly, if I was 100% sure I would never crash I would love to ride without a helmet, but since I live in a world where there are 4 wheeled cages on the road and wild critters that will dart out in the road, I opt to cover my skull.  Admittedly I wear among the least protective helmet, a 1/2 helmet, but it is a DOT approved helmet.

Over the years I had not found a helmet that I really liked enough to suggest it to anyone.  I realize that every individual's head and hair combo makes it impossible for manufacturers to make perfect fitting helmets for all of us.  We all try to find that helmet that we can use and at the end of the day not feel like our head has been squeezed in a clamp or rubbed because it is too loose.

On my recent 1,200+ mile trip to Orlando and back I tested my most recent helmet acquisition - the AFX FX-3 Karbon Beanie Half Helmet that I got from Riders Discount.

When I first tried on the helmet it seemed a little tight, but as I wore it on some shorter riders before the big trip I realized that it fit well and did not move as much as my older helmet.  The snug fit did NOT cause any pain or pressure and I did not have to overly tighten the chin strap to stop excess movement of the helmet.

Once on the road to Florida I knew I would get a true test to the comfort or discomfort of the helmet.  The first day we road to Natchez, Mississippi - 430 miles.
River boat on the Mississippi River in Natchez, Ms - photo taken from the west side of the river.
I have a short windshield so I quickly noticed that the small visor did not catch as much air and push on my neck as much as my other helmet, that was nice.  The strap secures easily and the end of the strap can be kept from flapping around by using the elastic loop above the latch to keep the strap fastened down.  I would prefer a snap instead, but the loop worked OK.

When I took my helmet off after one full day of riding I had no discomfort to my head (maybe some helmet hair, although I don't have much to mess up). 

On Friday March 19 when we left Orlando to head back to Texas the temperature was the highest for the entire trip, reaching into the 70's.  On that day I realized that the helmet did not have air vents.  Although, that was not a big issue on this trip I can see that it will be in the hot summer days in Texas.  

Overall, I like the helmet.  It has been the best 1/2 helmet I have owned (I had 3 in addition to this one).  I like the fit, the look, and the performance.  The only concern is the lack of ventilation and I will know more after some riding in Texas during July and August.

Would I buy the AFX FX-3 Karbon Beanie Half Helmet again?  Yes.


  1. Glad to hear you finally found a good fit! Thanks for the great review, Oz.

  2. Great review. Out here I rarely wear a helmet. It's compulsory but the police don't mind and most other riders don't wear one either.