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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Need extra storage for the trip?

Extended motorcycle trips are a lot of fun and I look forward to those trips.  The challenge with trips lasting several days is packing what is needed and/or wanted for the trip.  Storage/luggage space can be a concern for all but a few touring bikes.

For my June trip to the CMA National Rally in Hatfield, Arkansas and  the Moto Oz Beat the Heat tour to Colorado I knew I would need some additional luggage. The Seahorse side cases are narrow (6.2 inches - interior) and I had a lot of camping and hiking gear as well as my food to transport.

Being a budget minded rider I wanted to get the biggest "bang for the buck" I could.  I opted for the Viking Bags Economy Line Bag system.  The bag is a combination of leather and Cordura.  The stitching looked good and held up to tight packing and rough handling.
The main bag's dimensions are 19X17.5X8 and the roll bag is 14X9.  The mounting straps for the bags are sturdy and work to make a good tight fit.  A rain cover, adjustable universal mounting system and backpack straps are included.
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The big zippered top opening allows for easy access which makes packing larger items convenient.  It held up to being stuffed tightly, the seams did not appear stressed.  The front pouch, with quick release strap, held smaller items for quick access.
Nice fit on the VStrom.

The D-hooks worked efficiently with the mounting straps or bungee cords to secure the bag on the bike and still allow for easy access to what is in the bag.

While on my trips I never had to use the rain cover so I decide to test the cover.  The video below shows the rain cover works great.  (Please excuse the amateur videoing)

I found the Viking Bag highly functional, well made and versatile.  If you are needing some quality motorcycle luggage I would recommend Viking Bags.  The Economy Line offers big bang for the bucks!