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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Been busy, now about to leave for Europe!

I have been busy preparing for my first ever trip out of the USA and riding as much as possible.   Here are three of my latest video projects.

I fly out of Dallas on Friday June 2, 2017 and fly to Milan to start my trip.  (Post with trip details)  There are a few changes to the plan since my first posting with the biggest change being I will be riding in the Alps alone, although I suspect I will meet some riders and make new friends.
Updated details in the video.
Along with preparing for the trip I have been riding and enjoying the spring time in Texas.  Recently while riding the Honda VFR 1200 the odometer rolled over 35,000 miles and I thought it would be an appropriate time to do a "review" of the bike and give my impressions.
Review of VFR 1200 after 35,000 miles

This past weekend I had the honor of leading 20 bikes on a Memorial Day ride to a local small town veterans memorial and after some time of reflection and thankful prayer we rode to lunch.  Pilot Point, TX has a nice small memorial in the downtown area.  Just happens that my dad is from Pilot Point and his older brother was killed in WWII by friendly fire and his name is on the memorial.  It was after his death my dad decided to enlist (he had an agricultural exemption).  It is always humbling to take time to pay respects to those who gave all for our country.
Memorial Day ride, 2017
I have had a busy and fun spring and now looking forward to 26 days of traveling adventures.  I will be trying (no guarantees) to upload a video each day I am in Europe.  The videos may be "raw" and unedited, but hopefully they will show some of the great things I will see.  You can see the videos on my YouTube channel or search YouTube for Ordinary Biker Oz.