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Monday, December 12, 2016

Jeans for cold weather riding

Temperatures in North Texas don't get too cold for too long, but when it does cool off I still like to ride.   Sometimes it means I have to break out the cold weather gear and layer up so the ride is enjoyable.
Trying to warm up inside on a cold morning for a charity ride.
With the cold weather in mind I bought a pair of jeans in April and did not get to wear them until December, but I was happy I bought them!

I purchased a pair of Cabela's Roughneck fleece lined jeans.  They are traditional 5 pocket jeans with a quality YKK zipper.  The jeans are "relaxed cut" and 100% cotton fleece lined.

Fleece lined jeans - warm, but not not bulky
The jeans feel great and are not excessively bulky.  I rode the bike in the lower 40's and the legs felt great.  On a different day it was mid 30's when I started off so I wore a pair of long-johns with the jeans and it was great!  Never did I feel I needed more.

I highly recommend these Cabela's Fleece lined jeans!   If you liked the video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to get future video.