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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Not much room, but great burger.

I confess that I did not ride my bike to Burger Land, but I was on motorcycle business.  I was visiting some motorcycle dealerships in the North Texas area to talk to them about carrying the Moto Oz Detailing Products (yes, that was a shameless self serving plug, but I won't do that often :) ).  

It was time for lunch and I was in Paris, Texas.  I decided to drive to the downtown area and see if I could locate a local eatery before visiting with another dealership.  As I was heading south on Main St. I passed by a small, older looking, drive thru place that had a lot of vehicles parked around it.  All the vehicles caught my attention so I turned around to investigate.

** All photos are from Burger Land's Facebook photo album.  I had not planned to take pictures for the blog - I guess I should always be prepared.  **
There was a reason the parking lot was full.
The old marque sign in front of the place read "Burger Land."  It looked busy and I know that busy usually means something good when it comes to places to eat.  I parked in one of only two open space near the building.
This is the long side of the bar.
As soon as you open the door you can smell the homemade fries and burgers cooking.  The only seating in the place is the L shaped bar with stationary stools facing the "kitchen."  You can watch the "chef" cook your order.
Grill cooking up the burgers.
I ordered the cheeseburger, fries, and a drink.  As I sipped on my drink it was not long until the fresh cut french fries arrived hot & freshly fried.  I liked that I was served my fries hot even tho my burger was still cooking.  I seasoned the fries with the seasoned salt mixture that was provided and began to enjoy some of the best old-fashioned homemade fries that I had in a LONG time.  They were great.  I usually put ketchup on my fries, but not this time.  They were very tasty and cooked completely without burning them.

My cheeseburger arrived about 2 minutes later.  There is nothing special about the toasted bun, but there is no reason to doctor up the bun because the meat and fixin's were high quality.  The meat was flavorful, but not overly seasoned.  The lettuce was fresh and the pickles thick.  (No onions or tomatoes for me! Photo is not my burger.)
Hot fries and a great burger!
Normally a burger is just a burger, but the Burger Land's cheeseburger tickled my fancy.  I finished off the burger and fries and was already planning on a return trip.  The only negative is that if I am riding with 6 or more friends we might not be able to get in!  There was a picnic table and benches outside that would be nice when the weather cooperated.

Burger Land is open 10:30-8:00 Monday - Friday and 10:30-4:00 Saturday.  The address is 1301 N. Main, Paris Texas.  If you find yourself in Paris, TX and you want a good old-fashioned burger stop by Burger Land and enjoy!

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