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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Kobalt Air Compressor: A review - little things impress

I am the first to admit I am not a "gear head" (good at working on bikes/autos), but I do try to learn and do more of my own work and maintenance each year.  With that said this post may seem silly to some, but for this ordinary biker a great tool has been found.

I have owned portable air compressors and shop air compressors and they have all functioned well.  However; I recently found myself without either and in need of one.  Since downsizing my life over the last 18 months I wanted/needed a portable compressors due to storage space.
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I had to borrow a neighbors Kobalt 12-Volt air compressor to get the bike's tires to proper pressure and loved it so much I decided to purchase one for myself from Lowes.

The Kobalt 12-Volt Car Air Inflator is very versatile and has some very useful features.  The unit comes with a power cord for use in an automobile power plug and a cord for home outlet usage.  A simple flick of the switch lets the compressor know the source of electricity. 

Use at home or with the car
Multiple nozzle options for inflating various items are included.  The digital air gauge displays current tire pressure so an additional air gauge is not needed.  I really like that once I connect the compressor I don't have to disconnect until finished.
User friendly button and display
Once the compressor measures the current air pressure the desired ("Target") air pressure is entered using the up or down arrows.  Once target pressure is selected a push of the run/pause button starts the compressor and it automatically shuts off when the target pressure is achieved.  This feautree is great because it allows for multitasking without concern of over inflation.

The cords fit neatly either in or on the unit making it easy to handle, manageable and tidy.
Automobile power plug stores inside the unit.  Photo at
With a width of 12 inches, a height of 10 inches, depth of 5 inches ( 30.48cm X25.4cm X12.7cm) and weight of 9 lbs (4.08 kg) it is too big to carry on motorcycle trips, but is very handy at home or in the automobile.

It is rugged, sturdy and durable and functions great!  Glad this amateur mechanic (I use that term loosely) found it.