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Thursday, June 13, 2024

9 Motorcycle Myths - a guest post by Warren Massey

9 Myths About Motorcycle Riding

There are motorcycling myths that are just too good to die. Below are 9 of those myths, a few with my own commentary, which seem to hang around forever.  

  1. Open-face helmets are just as good as full-face helmets: Full-face helmets provide better protection by covering the entire head, including the chin and face. They reduce head injuries by 64% and neck injuries by 36% compared to open-face helmets. Plus, they offer better noise reduction. 
  2.  Using car tires on motorcycles is fine: This myth is dangerous. Car tires are incompatible with motorcycle dynamics, especially during cornering. Stick to motorcycle-specific tires for safety. While I have never seen this in person, it must be something that happens as this comes up from time to time.
  1. The rear brake stops a bike better than the front brake: Actually, using the front brake is more effective and safer. Proper braking technique is crucial, and the front brake provides over 70% of a motorcycle’s stopping power.
  2. Motorcycles are more dangerous than cars: While motorcycles have inherent risks, proper training, gear, and awareness can mitigate these risks. Responsible riding matters more than the vehicle type. Statistics show that more riders are injured in single vehicle crashes than in crashes with cars.
  3. Helmets break necks in a crash: False. Helmets protect your head and neck. They do not cause neck injuries; they prevent them.
  4. “Laying it down” is the best way to avoid a crash: No, it is not. Staying upright and using proper braking and maneuvering techniques is more effective for avoiding accidents.
  5. You must be strong to ride a motorcycle: Strength matters less than skill and technique. Proper body positioning and control are essential, regardless of physical strength.
  6. You can get expert skills just riding on the road.  Just riding from point a to point b over and over will only give you the skills to ride from point a to point b.  You really need to take, at least, the basic and advanced riders’ course to hone your skills.  There are other levels of training to move your skills to a higher level.  Then do the training with your passenger.
  7. Loud pipes save lives: Contrary to widely held belief, loud exhaust pipes do not necessarily make you safer. Becoming a better rider through skill development and awareness is more effective for safety. While less restrictive exhausts may add some horsepower, OEM exhausts are designed for midrange performance where you spend most of your time riding. I can debate this one with myself. I have two motorcycles, one with stock pipes and one with loud pipes. Anecdotally, I see more folks look around for me as I move up in traffic when I am on my loud bike, they can almost feel the rumble. But I cannot prove it one way or another if this is really a myth.

Remember, understanding these myths may help you become a safer and more informed rider!

If you have a Motorcycle Myth riders should be aware of let me know in the comments. - Oz

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