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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Arai Helmet Review

There are so many helmet manufacturers and a plethora of models.  Making a choice can take some serious time and involve both online research and/or in person research.  So many questions need to b e answered by each individual to help make a decision that one will not regret.  Some of the questions are: What is my budget?  What type of riding do I plan to do?  What features do I want?  Is ventilation or quietness more important?  Do I want built in drop down sunglassess? Do I want full-faced, 3/4, 1/2, modular?

Taking into consideration all my answers and what I wanted in a helmet I started looking for a new helmet after I realized my AGV K1 did not have the ventilation I desired.  Ventilation locations are engineered with specific riding styles in mind and I was not riding a supersport bike so the AGV K1 wasn't what I needed.

I researched and read reviews before going to three different shops in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to see and try on various brands and models. I spent a good amount of hands on time with the helmets checking features, design, fit and finish.

I kept going back to a couple of Arai helmets but they just did not feel as good as the only other Arai I ever owned - Arai Profile Hotrod  I bought at a silent auction in late 2016, but that model was not available in the shops I visited.  I decided to check online for the helmet I wanted.

I found a European website, Motocard, that had the Profile!  They had a few different paint schemes including the Nicky Hayden replica.  I was so happy and placed the order.  In seven business days I had my helmet.

The Aria Profile Nicky Hayden pays tribute to the last American MotoGP champion with a high quality design and finish.  The air vents are plentiful with a big chin vent, two scalp vents,  two brow vents located at the top of the visor and five exhaust vents.  The removable and washable liner and the cheek pads are plush and durable. And, to top it off the helmet is designed for safety with the Arai "glance off" technology.

The newer version of the Profile is easier to change the visor with its pop-off side pod.  This system makes changing the visors quick and simple.  The visor comes pinlock ready and the pinlock works great and is easy to install.

Now after wearing the helmet for over a year I can say without hesitation this is the best helmet I have ever worn.  When riding at a "spirited" pace the road noise is less than other helmets I have owned.  The vents provide good air flow keeping heat to a minimum.  
Two top vents, two brow vents and a big chin vent

The big brow vents allow at airflow.

The plush interior is comfortable and wicks moisture away. Even at the end of a long day of riding (300+ miles) my face and head are not fatigued from the helmet.  

If you are looking for a quality helmet and your budget will allow $350 - $450 I highly recommend you consider the Arai Profile. 

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