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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Big Christmas surprise for my son.

I have greatly enjoyed my son riding with me on the bike for the past 7+ years.  We have ridden a lot of miles to and from school, around town. and with friends.  We have enjoyed some great summer trips to Colorado, Yellowstone National Park, Deals Gap, Mount Rushmore, and more.

He is now taller than me and riding as a passenger have become less comfortable for him.  We saw this day approaching and have been planning on the next course of action.  My wife and I decided to let him get a bike when he was old enough.

He turns 15 at the end of February and will be eligible to get licensed.  During the summer he told me he wanted to start with a Ninja 250.  I told him to start saving because I would pay 1/2 when the time came.  He thought we would start shopping this coming spring.

I started looking a few months ago without his knowledge.  I found some poor overpriced Ninjas.  I kept looking and came across a 2005 Ninja 250 in great condition.  A friend and I looked it over and I took it on a test spin.  I liked it and we came to agreeable terms.  Since it was six weeks before Christmas I stored it at a friend's house (Thanks Mac).  We cleaned it, added a Bad Boy air horn, and some additional lights.
Wrapped with a bow - just like the commercials
This morning we surprised Richard with the bike. I told him to wait a minute and then bring mom to the garage for a special gift, he thought it would be for him mom.  We rendered him speechless.
He realizes that I did not really have a gift for him mom, but for him
After breakfast he was ready to start it up and sit on it for a while.
We visited my parents and some sisters so we have not take the bike out for a ride yet.  We will visit a local school parking lot this week and let him ride his first street bike.

I am looking forward to this new chapter in our riding stories.  I am sure there will be future posts concerning our new arrangement.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Thats really great surprise for your son. The bike which you have given to your son is really looking marvelous. Kawasaki is one of the best and most popular company in motorcycle and they are making good quality bikes. I hope now your son is very happy for the bike.

  2. Congratulations on the new bike. I know you will have lots of fun on this machine.

    My one peice of advise it to go and get him to a proper rider training school at a track. He will learn skills that will save his life. God knows it has saved mine.

  3. That is one lucky young man and a Christmas present he will remember forever. Wishing many safe miles for him.

  4. Motorcycle riding course is on the schedule for March. He turns 15 on Feb. 27th. In the mean time he has to get his driver permit for automobiles before they will let him take the course.

    We will be very deliberate and careful logging many miles together.

    This will be fun.

  5. How cool is this!!!!

    Richard is a lucky guy and I hope he has many happy years riding that bike. I am sure you are looking forward to riding with him. What a terrific gift for you and your wife to give to your son.

  6. What a terrific moment to catch on video. Happy riding!

  7. What a great gift for your son. I look forward to reading many tales of your rides together after he gets his license.

  8. Congratulations and happy bike day to Richard.

    Just think of all the wonderful adventures you two will have together.

  9. What an awesome Christmas present! My 14 year old has expressed a strong interest in having a bike when she turns 16 in a year & a half. Its hard to say no when both her dad and I ride. We will be looking for a little 200-250 for her and like you she will be enrolled in a riding course & be given full gear. Hope your boy has many enjoyable times on his Ninja!