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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Venture vs. Tahoe

I have not been very consistent this month with my post, even after riding to Iowa and then later to Yellowstone National Park.   I have a lot of topics to post about.

I will tell you that I did recently get side tracked and I think you will all understand.  Although, I have been reading and commenting on many other blogs especially USA Tour on a Harley-Davidson.  If you have not seen this blog check it out.  A Brit shipped his Road King over and is touring the USA.  Very interesting and he takes great pictures.

On August 17, 2010 I was running an errand from my campus (I am an elementary assistant principal) to the Administration Building.  It was just after 2:00 so I decided to go by the local Sonic for a "Happy Hour" Diet Coke.  (I work in Princeton, TX.)

After getting the drink I proceeded to the traffic light.  I had to cross over US 380 - a very busy road.  Once the light turned green I started through the intersection.  I noticed the red SUV (Tahoe) was not going to stop!  I looked ahead and rolled on the throttle!  I really thought I was going to get out of her way but, I could not.

The Tahoe clipped the back 18-24 inches of my bike send the bike on a spin and me flying.  The flight was not bad but the landing was rough.  No, I was not wearing my helmet - when I go on these quick short errands I normally don't wear my helmet - I will from now on.

I never lost consciousness. I did hit my head and had to be taken to the hospital.  I took 15 stitches in the back of the head.  When they tried to send me home, about 3 hours after the wreck, I got dressed and then sat down and passed out.

Side of impact.  Can not see from hear but tailpipe and fender were messed up.

I ended up staying in the hospital two nights.  I had a mild concussion and a lot of soreness.  Actually I still have some soreness (15 days later).  The stitches were removed on August 27th.  My head is still tender and has some healing to do.
Front fairing took a beating.
The bike has officially "totaled".  Oh well, I will heal and I now have to go bike shopping.  It is a shame since I had the Venture for less than 4 months.
Side of impact.
I will be getting some more post out soon.  Thanks for your patience and willingness to read.


  1. Wow that's some story. Glad to hear you will be okay after a very close call. @*$#! cagers - you need to expect every one of them to do something stupid every chance they get. Hope you nail her good.

  2. I'm so glad that you're ok! Hopefully, the person that hit you is in serious trouble?
    I posted a link to your blog earlier Wednesday on our blog. Feel better soon.
    - Mary Ann :-)

  3. Holy crap batman! I'm glad your okay. I hate that your new bike is totaled, but bikes are insured, your head is not! Glad to hear you'll be covering from now on. I'm sure there's someone in your life who would like you to be around awhile.

    Thanks for posting... this should be a reminder and warning for us all.

  4. glad you are ok, sorry about the bike but it can be replaced. People are going to believe what they want about helmets but, but in that moment before your head hits the ground it is to late to make a choice.

  5. My friends, family, and CMA family all have expressed their surprise that I did not have a helmet on. I have assured them all that no matter how short the ride I will put on one.

    Mary Ann - Thanks for linking.

  6. Wow, glad you okay though, the bike can be replaced. There's too many morons on the cell or messaging and not paying attention to the road. I always look like you did and I'm always ready to floor it just in case, imagine if you hadn't looked and accelerated, you would be in big trouble now. I always wear a full face helmet but used to wear half when I had the cruiser.

  7. Motoroz your a luck guy you twisted the throttle or it could of been your leg!!

  8. I was really glad that Venture had some low end torque. I really thought I was going to get out of her way.
    Now I have to struggle with her insurance- almost like getting hit all over again.