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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Memorial Day Ride 2016

May 30, 2016 marked the 2nd Memorial Day since my dad, WWII veteran and Purple Heart recipient, passed away.  During the previous 10 years or so I had spend some of each Memorial Day weekend with him.  It was my honor to take him to several Memorial Day services and accompany him in 2010 on Honor Flight. 
Wendell Osburn PFC 1st Army, 2nd Division, 9th Regiment, Company K, 3rd Platoon, 3rd Squad
I decided to take a ride and have a Memorial Day service and lunch with some fellow riders.  We gathered at a local gas station for fuel, food, drink and the pre-ride meeting.

Fueled up and waiting on others for the ride.
Bikes at the memorial
The ride was nice and cool in the morning thanks to some late night/early morning rain.  We were careful as some of the roads were still wet, but still managed to enjoy some "spirited" moments as we twisted through the country side towards the Audie Murphy Memorial at the Audie Murphy/American Cotton Museum in Greenville, TX.
Audie Murphy statute
Audie was a Texas boy!
 Several friends on cruisers welcomed us as we rode into the parking lot at the memorial.  After looking at bikes and the normal comments/jokes about each others bikes we took time to read quotes, names (from Hunt county) and information that were part of the memorial.
A nice gathering of bikers to remember the sacrifices made for our country
One veteran reading names of soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice

Reading the names is very sobering and humbling

The veterans in attendance were gathered for a photo.  We were all very honored to have them with us for the day.  A few words of appreciation for all our military, past, present and future, were said and a prayer for our country and armed forces was given.

Six veterans were with us and one join us at lunch.  It was an honor.
After the time at the memorial we enjoyed lunch at a local hamburger establishment before a spirited ride home on dry roads.  Several riders chipped in and bought all the veterans lunch.

Thank you to all veterans and their families for the service and sacrifice made so we can go ride motorcycles with the freedoms and security we so often take for granted.  May God bless our armed forces and the USA.

I want to thank all my friends for sharing the ride and the time of remembrance with me.

A big thank you goes to Sergey O and John B, for the photos. 


  1. It was a good time together and a time to also reflect on the price that was paid so we can enjoy the freedoms we have today. Freedom is not free, it was paid for by the blood of our forefathers.

  2. A beautiful thing to do for Memorial Day. And how awesome that folks pitched in to buy lunch for the vets. Very nice.

    1. I don't feel I did enough to show dad how much I really appreciated his service, so I am trying to show others now. It was a great day.