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Monday, May 21, 2012

I love to ride for pie

On Friday I was trying to decide the route and lunch stop for my ride to Glen Rose and the Texas CMA State Rally.  There were so many different roads to choose from, but my sweet tooth took over and I decide to make my lunch stop in Hico at the Koffee Kup.  The Kup is known far and wide for great pies!

Locals and travelers alike frequent the Central Texas famous Koffee Kup
Having chosen a destination for lunch I set out to ride as many roads as I could that I had never ridden.  I was pretty successful and enjoyed sparsely traveled & lightly patrolled Farm to Market roads at a spirited pace (that's code for "I was speeding a little").  Hico is in the northern portion of the Texas Hill Country so the surrounding roads tend to have a good amount of curves and elevation changes.

Rolling into Hico about 12:30 the Kup was packed.  A big group of Blue Knights were enjoying their lunches along with locals and travelers.  With a growling stomach I waited for a table while eyeing the pie rack.
Oh the choices
The home cooked food at the Kup is great.  I have tried several items through the years, but on Friday I was craving pie so I opted for the small burger.  No fries, just a small a tasty burger, I was anticipating the main event - pie.
The small hamburger has big flavor
There were a least 15 choices for dessert and all sounded great.  I usually go for the coconut cream pie, but I decided to try something different this time.  I read the list and the "Doctor's Office" pie caught my attention.  Sweet cream, vanilla custard, graham cracker crust, & topped with roasted coconut and almond slivers - how could I pass that up!
I never enjoyed a Doctor's Office like this before!
The pie was chilled and the serving size was generous.  The sweet cream blended nicely with the vanilla custard.  The crust and coconut/almond topping added texture as well as flavor.  It was a great combination!  I slowly enjoyed and savored every bite.  The Doctor's Office is now tied with coconut cream as my favorite pie.

If you find yourself riding with 50 -75 miles of Hico change your route and stop by the Koffee Kup for some of the best pie you can find.  The roads to get there are also enjoyable, especially the FM roads. 


  1. Yumm! I love modifying routes to add foodie destinations.

    That pie sure looks delicious. Whenever we can't think of where to ride, we think of what cafe or bakery might make a good destination.

    Thanks for sharing the pics, now I am hungry.....for pie.

  2. Especially the last pic is mouthwatering. A good reason to ride... (although any reason will do).

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