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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

An American Hero, my dad.

For the most part my posts are directly related to motorcycling i.e. roads, gear, restaurants, motorcycles...; however, I have posted a few times about my dad, Pfc Wendell Osburn, WWII veteran and Purple Heart recipient. 
Dad visiting with another WWII veteran
In 2011 I posted about a Memorial Day event in Decatur, Texas we attended.  In 2010 I was privileged to accompany him on Honor Flight to Washington DC which was an amazing two days that really touched Dad's heart and made him realize how important his service was and how many people deeply appreciated his sacrifice and the sacrifice of his family.

Brick at the Wise County Veterans Memorial Park, Decatur, Texas
At the age of 90 years, 7 months and 7 days Dad passed away on Mother's Day in his home.  Although our family celebrates the amazing life he lived and the impact he made on his family, his church and his country and we are assured of his salvation, it has been very tough. 

He leaves behind seven daughters, three sons, 26 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

I learned so much from Dad and will miss him greatly.
Words from the past are still true - from the WWII Memorial in Washington DC
I want to thank all of our veterans and current armed forces for their dedication, sacrifice and service.  When you see a veteran please take time to shake their hand, buy them a meal or in some way thank them for their service.
Dad, I can never repay all you did for me, taught me and the many ways you blessed me.


  1. well written. His generation was truly the greatest generation this country has produced.

  2. No matter how old we are it is never easy easy to loose a parent. Rejoice in his accomplishments and what you have learned from him. My sympathies.

  3. RIP PFC Wendell Osburn and thank you for your service. This country was built on the backs of men like your Father. A life well lived it sounds like.

  4. Thank you all for your comments and thoughts. Dad was a solid pillar in the community, the state and the nation.

  5. I too am proud of your dad and all that served. I salute his service. Me dad too was there under Paton. Purple Heart Bronze Star. He never talked about the war until a couple years before he pasted. I know now why he did not. A boy off the farm to a war front. I'm very proud of his service and your dad's.

    1. Webster World, I appreciate your dad's service. Our dads were part of a great and unique generation.