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Monday, April 16, 2012

New rider coming soon!

This is not really a useful post, instead it is a proud dad sharing about his son.

This weekend my son, Richard, overcame #2 of 4 hurdles towards becoming a licensed motorcyclists.  He attended the North Texas Motorcycle Safety Course and successfully completed the course.  Mother Nature made it exciting by providing some rain.  All of the "test" was on a wet parking lot.
Richard, the Ninja, and the certificate
We really did not have any doubt about it.  He has been around and on motorcycles for many years and has ridden dirt bikes and practiced on his Ninja so he was more than ready for the course.

Practicing a little over 3 weeks before the class
Getting some lean going
Today (4/16/12) we are heading to the DMV to take the written motorcycle test and schedule the riding test.  Just two more hurdles and then a whole new chapter for both of us will begin.  I think it is going to be a great chapter.


  1. Awesome!!! Good luck to the young man! He looks great on the Ninja!

  2. Congrats! Interesting that he still has to go through the DMV testing though, here in Colorado...once you pass the BRC, you just take the certificate to the DMV and they put the Motorcycle Endorsement on it.

    Redleg's Rides

    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

  3. Yay, congrats to Richard, he's almost there.

    I took my Team Oregon in the pouring rain too. It added a certain pucker factor.

  4. Since he is only 15 and does not have a auto license he has to take the riding test. If a person already have an auto license the riding test is not required. He has a few more things to do and he will be riding soon.

  5. Congrats to you young fella. And good luck for the test.

    Does that mean we will soon be seeing a new blog from Richard about his trials and tribulations as a learner, it would be good reading and after a year or 2 to see the progress he has made. It would be a big change.

  6. Congratulations Richard!!! Good for you!
    I agree with Chillertek, it would be great to read a blog from a new rider, at least a guest post or two here.

  7. I will talk to him about either starting his own or posting here with me. That could be interesting.

  8. On the one hand I envy the adventures and bonding you will experience, on the other hand I personally wouldn't allow myself to enjoy it as I would be sick with worry. I seriously need to get my meds adjusted! Goos luck to you both!

  9. Congrats to your son - but really I am with Road Captain, I'm a seriously over protective, double standardized, freakishly not prepared to let my son(s) ride a motorcycle - hell, it's dangerous, they might get hurt or even worse kind of mother.

  10. Haven't heard anything, did your son pass his motorcycle test?

  11. We ran into a snag - actually I misunderstood Texas Law. He needed to complete all 32 hours of classroom driver's ed before he could take the motorcycle test.

    With school coming to an end and all the tests, programs, etc. He has not quite finished the classroom portion but will soon.

    I will post something when we get it done. I think I am more excited than he is about it.

  12. LOL this is awesome just the same! The little bit of time waiting will make it all the sweeter!