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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Texas BBQ in Ouaticha Mountains

A good ride and a good meal is hard to beat.  Mountain roads make for good rides.  Combine the Ouaticha Mountains with a transplanted Texan who know bbq and you have great potential.

The Ouaticha Mountains stretch from Oklahoma into Arkansas (or I guess you could say they stretch from AR to OK) and there are numerous great roads in and around the mountains.  The most well-known is the 50+ mile Talimena Scenic Byway.  There are other lesser known roads that provide great views and an ample amount of twists and turns.

US 259 bisects Oklahoma SR 1 a.k.a Talimena Drive and runs north ending at US 59.  US 59 parallels the Talimena Drive on the north side of the mountains from Arkansas until the US 259 intersection and then it turns north towards Poteau, OK.
Everyone is welcomed at the End of the Trail
Just about 3 miles north from the US 59/259 intersection sits the End of the Trail Saloon where Steve and Genise serve up great hospitality and awesome bbq.    Less than 15 miles from the OK/AR state line and less than 10 miles off the Talimena Drive the End of the Trail  Saloon is in the middle of some great riding.
Steve and Genise gave up wrenching on bikes in Texas for living the dream of 
owning a biker establishment - good decision
The word on the streets is that the ribs are awesome!  When I was there I tried the sliced bbq sandwich.  The sandwich was great.  The brisket was tender, flavorful, and juicy.  I am ready to return and try the ribs.
True southern goodness!
In the short couple of years they have been running the place the reputation has grown. 
Bikes fill up the parking area on the weekends
Treat yourself with a great ride through the Ouaticha Mountains and an awesome meal at the End of the Trail. You will be happy all the way home.

Tomorrow is 11-11-11, Veterans Day for us in the USA.  I will not post tomorrow because I am taking my WWII veteran dad to the Dallas Veterans Day Parade.  He and other Honor Flight vets are being honored with a Corvette ride in the parade and a luncheon at the Omni Hotel.  So, I want to say "Thank You" to all the brave men and women who have served or are currently serving in the United States Armed Forces.  I enjoy the freedoms that so many have fought and are fighting to preserve.  These brave patriots have provided freedom and security for all of us.  No words can adequately express my gratitude.
May God bless all of you who have served, are serving, and will serve this great nation.  Happy Veterans Day!


  1. Looks like great food!

    Have a terrific day with your Dad tomorrow and please say thank you to him from this grateful Brit. Our two countries have a lot of principles in common and if I was in the USA tommorow, I would do something to support your troops. So, as I cannot be, please shake your Dad by the hand for my and say thank you to him from me.

  2. Thank you Gary. I will give Dad your regards. He was in England for a few days on his way to Belgium and beyond.

  3. Motoroz,

    If I was in the US today I would dig up some barbecue like what you've got on the page. (I'm a little late for the holiday) Living out of the US gives you strange cravings. It's usually food, and a picture of food like that reminds me of what I can't have, and it sure looks good.

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life