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Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day with Dad

The Wise County Veterans Park at 405 North Trinity St.
Today my son and I escorted my father to the Wise County Memorial Day Service at the Wise County Veterans Memorial Park in Decatur, Texas.  As stated in an earlier post my dad is a World War II veteran and Purple Heart receipent.  It was a great honor to attend the service with my dad.

The Wise Country Veterans Memorial Park is a block wide and half a block deep.  The memorial does a great job on honoring all branches of the Armed Forces.  For today's ceremony the park was appropriately decorated showing great respect for the veterans.
The park is very well kept and was decorated for the occasion.

The Wise County Veterans Group conducted the service and emceed by the WCVG Commander Art Pierce.  The ceremony included the posting of the colors, the National Athem, Pledge of Allegiance, the playing of Taps, and a great speech by guest speaker Rear Admiral John N. H. Costas, USN (Retired).
Rear Admiral Costas delivered the keynote address
Rear Admiral Costas' speech asked and answered why we have and should have a Memorial Day.  He spoke with great respect for those who had given the ultimate sacrifice for their country.  He also displayed great respect for those currently serving in the military.  He delivered a fitting message full of sincerity and honor for all of our brave men and women.

This small community service did a great job of remembering and honoring the greatest armed forces in the world.  My dad enjoyed the ceremony and my son and I felt great pride and honor as we accompanied PFC Wendall A. Osburn.
Oz, PFC W. A. Osburn and Richard
 Proud of my son and his grandfather.
My dad's brick at the Veterans Memorial Park
May God bless all of our past, present, and future troops.  If any of our brave men and women are reading this I want to say "Thank you for your service."