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Sunday, May 1, 2011

ABCD - A Bloggers Centerline Day

It was 85+ degrees yesterday and I got a lot of riding in.  Today, not so much.  Cold front hit bringing rain and a high of 55 today!  However, life situations more than the weather kept me from riding today but, not from getting my ABCD photo!
Standing at the crossroads, which way do we go?
There is some significance in the location of the photo.  Over the last few months my wife and I along with our teenage son have been discussing his educational future.  We were standing at the crossroads between continuing in public school or going to a high quality private school.  I am an assistant principal in a local district and he has ridden to school with me for the past 8 years.  Letting him attend this local private school is a big decision.

We decided to let him attend the private school, he is really excited.  This road leads to our house and the crossroad leads to the new school.  We were heading to a parents' meeting at the school when my lovely wife snapped the shot.

I will miss having him ride to and from school/work with me but, I am excited about the quality of education he will get.  I know he and I still have a lot of miles of riding ahead of us, after all, we have our 10 day trip to the Smoky Mountains coming this summer!


  1. Great shot - we must let our sons decide their destiny. Mine moved out of the nest today, it's exciting and ... well, I'm a mother. What else can I say.

  2. Centerline and crossroads, I like your philosophical approach to Gary's challenge.

  3. VStarLayd - Yes, we have to let our sons make decisions. We left this up to him and we were pleasantly surprised at his choice. His mom and I just had to make sure we could work the financials.
    SonjaM - seemed like the photo to take for the day we had.

  4. Happy riding in warmer days to come Motoroz!!

  5. Excellent photograph! I like how you took the picture at a location that holds some significance to you.

  6. Motoroz:

    I also like the idea for a photo of significance. My simple plan was just trying not to get run over

    Riding the Wet Coast

  7. Very well thought out. You were up to the challenge for the photo and made it personal as well.

    Will be fun to follow your adventures in the Smoky Mountains this summer.

  8. Nice idea, crossroads :-) we all come to them at some point in life.

  9. Great image! I love the story behind your choice. :)
    Best wishes to your Son at this crossroad in his life!