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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Good eating in West, Texas

In Texas we have West Texas (a geographical region) and we have West, Texas (home of a great little bakery).  That's right - West, Texas, a town named West.   West is not even in West Texas, it is in Central Texas right off of I35 south of Dallas (about 65 miles) and north of Austin (about 135 miles). 

West is named after Thomas West, the land owner who sold land to the railroad company for a train depot and other people to develop the land around the depot.  By the 1890's Czech immigrants and their businesses were flourishing in the area.  Many of the descendants of the Czech families still live and own businesses in West.

One such business is the Czech Stop, home of the Little Czech Bakery.  Located on the southeast corner of I35 & North College Avenue the bakery/convenient store is always busy and I mean ALWAYS!
Czech Stop home of the best kolaches in Texas! Maybe in the USA.
Parking spots are usually hard to find as travelers stop by for some Old World pastries.
Ever since my first visit to the Little Czech Bakery in 1987 (on my way to the Texas Girls State Basketball Tournament) I have stopped every chance I get.  It is such a treat to get fresh baked pastries of this quality.
The bakery has two shops separated only by a wall, but serviced by the same kitchen in the back.
I have visited the Czech Stop in the early morning, around lunch time, at dinner time, and after midnight - never have I seen less than 10 patrons in the store.  On a nice Saturday in the summer you will have to wait in a line of 10 or more, but it moves quickly and it is worth the wait.
Signs give customers an idea of how much cooking goes on at the bakery.  Yes - weekly amounts!
Upon entering the bakery the aroma of fresh bread and sweet pastries will grab your attention and your senses.  Every time I walk in to the bakery my mouth starts watering as I anticipate the fresh flavorful Czech food.  Besides their famous kolaches they prepare strudel, cream horns, cookies, bread, sausage, turnovers, brownies, cinnamon rolls and more.  Full Menu
That is a lot of cream cheese!
My favorite combo is the sausage, sauerkraut, cheese "puff" and a blueberry cream cheese kolache!  It is like a mini meal and dessert.  The puff's fresh baked roll surrounds the sausage, kraut, and swiss cheese making for a perfect little sandwich.  The roll is fluffy and taste like the homemade rolls my mom used to make (mom is 90yrs old and she is from the old school of cooking where items were not premixed in a box).   All of the ingredients are fresh which makes for great flavor.
Sandwich and dessert - perfect combination.
Everyone can find something they would like at the Czech Stop. The only disappointment is when stepping on the scales after getting home, but it is worth it.

West is just northeast of the Texas Hill Country, home of some of the greatest roads in the south.  There are also some good Farm to Market roads to ride to or from West if you do not want to ride on the I35 super-slab.  So take a ride to West, Texas and enjoy the great food at the Czech Stop.  You will love it!


  1. My compass is all messed up right now, east, west, central ;-) and now I am also hungry :-)
    Looks good, now I just have to find my coordinates and get there, that last picture just looks so good :-)

  2. Mate, you should be called the 'Culinery Biker", I am always hungry after reading your posts!

  3. Well I have never had a problem with loosing my appetite and anytime I am with 30 miles of West I will stop. While finishing the post I started with I was heading that way soon, but it may be a while before I get that way again.

  4. We used to stop in West on trips between Killeen and Dallas. That was the only time I ever got hand-made pastries in a gas station. It was a definite stop every time we went down the I-35 corridor. Thanks for bringing back great memories!

  5. One of my favorite things, other than motorcycles, is real cooking. Anything made by hand or traditionally. It's so hard places like this when you're just cruising cross-country, but when you do it's awesome. Not that I'll ever make it to West, Texas, but if I do, I'll be sure to make it there.

    Also, punctuation saves lives. (I appreciate West Texas, and West, Texas.)

    One more thing,

  6. I go by this place all the time! And you are correct about the FM roads, I35 bites.