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Monday, October 12, 2009

It gets HOT in Texas- stay cool while riding

It can get really hot in Texas and in a lot of other states during the months of July and August. Just because the temperature gets 100+ does not mean that I am going to stop riding, especially now that I have a Hyperkewl vest.
Hyperkewl vests use a Polymer Embedded Fabric, which absorbs water into the polymer crystals. During use, the water evaporates slowly helping cool the wearer. 1-2 minutes of soaking the vest will provide 6-12 hours of cooling. The amount of time seems to vary based on air circulation. For example, if you wear it over your shirt as the outer layer, it will evaporate quicker than if you have a vest or mesh jacket on top of it.

The inner portion is water repellent and does a good job of keeping water from the user. You naturally feel some moisture due to the evaporation and if you do not press the excess water off the outside and dry of the inside you will get a little wet. As you ride you will get your jeans a little wet, but it dries quickly.

I used my several times this summer and I like it. I wore it during a 4th of July parade and I am glad I did. I did not feel like I was in air-conditioning, but I did feel the coolness. I later bought another one for my wife or son, whichever was riding with me.

During my trip to Florida I carried the vest in a big zip-lock bag so that I could pour some water in the bag and let it soak. I also could keep it from getting other items wet.

If you ride much in the hot weather I would recommend a Hyperkewl vest. It is worth keeping yourself from getting over heated. No one needs to get over heated when out riding.

Yes, I would buy it again and I will be using mine in the hot weather.

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