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Friday, October 6, 2017

Arai Helmet Review - are they work the money?

I have owned six full face helmets made by four different manufacturers over the years.  I have been very budget-minded when purchasing gear.  Many of my friends have worn more expensive helmets and I wondered if the money spent was really worth it.

In July 2016 I spent the most I ever had for a new helmet when I bought the Bell Qualifer DLX.  The helmet came with the awesome Transitions® Adaptive Shield.  In November 2016 I wrote a review on the Bell Qualifer DLX.
Bell Qualifier DLX
Earlier in October 2016 I attended an event with a silent auction benefiting CMA Run For the Son and I won the silent auction for a pre-owned (worn about 5 times) Arai Profile Hotrod helmet (Hotrod graphics).  The helmet had no signs of usage and reports were it had been worn very little.  For $85 I thought "how can I go wrong?"  This was an inexpensive way to get first hand experience and knowledge about a high-end helmet. The graphics are not what I would have chosen in a perfect situation, but the yellow stands out and probably is more visible to automobile drivers.
Arai Profile - Hotrod
I did not start wearing the Arai helmet until January, after I secured a second Sena 20S helmet mount.  I could now transfer the Sena 20S from Bell helmet to Arai helmet without having to move the mount and speakers.

At first I rotated usage of the helmets.  By March I was wearing the Arai for every ride.  The two major reasons for wearing the Arai full time were the ventilation and the reduced wind noise.  The helmet is one of my best buys!  Here is my full video review of the helmet - Arai Profile Video Review

I still live on a budget, but now I have added a savings jar for my next Arai helmet.  I fully understand why so many riders spend the money for high-end helmets. 


  1. As you have discovered, the right helmet can make a world of difference in comfort when riding. I have owned Arai, Shoei, and Bell helmets in all different configurations and the Arai have been among the best.

    1. Yes, the right helmet is critical, especially on long rides.

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