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Friday, November 12, 2010

Kick your boots off and put up your feet

There are a lot of great roads in Arkansas to ride and plenty of scenic routes.  One can take leisurely rides or drag pegs all day around the curves.  In either case you will need a good place to rest and get some "shut eye" before the next day of riding.

Recently four friends and I took off for three days of riding and two nights near Mena, AR in the Ouachita National Forest.  One in our group reserved a 3 bedroom cabin at the recently opened Mena Mountain Top Motel/Cabins.

The entrance to Mena Mountain Top Motel/Cabins is about 2.5 miles south of Mena on the east side of US 71 (across from the Fish Net Family Restaurant).  The sign for the cabins is a little difficult to see so slow down when you see the restaurant - entrance is about 50 yards farther.  If you are riding up from the south the entrance to the cabins is about 1.5 miles past the Christian Motorcyclists Association's Iron Mountain complex.

The Mena Mountain Top Motel/Cabins roads are paved, but the parking area in front of cabins are gravel.  The road is steep so gear down.
Our bikes in front of the big cabin.
The cabins sit on the hill side and provide great views to the west, south, and northwest.  We could see part of the famed Talimena Scenic Byway and the Queen Wilhelmina Lodge from the back porch of the "Wilderness Cabin" we had.
From the back porch we could see the valley and the Ouachita Mountains to the north.
The cabin had a front and back porch, grill, gas fireplace, kitchen with cookware, refrigerator, dishes, etc., living area with satellite TV, three bedrooms each with TV, and two bathrooms.  The two downstairs bedrooms each had a double bed.  The upstairs loft had a double and twin bed along with a bathroom and in the living area was a sleeper sofa.
Twin bed in the loft.
Living area as seen from the loft.
All of the fixtures and furniture is high quality and add to the country feel of the cabin.  There were plenty of dishes for our dinner.  We stopped by a store in Mena and bought what we needed to cook our dinner at the cabin.  The cookware, silverware, and dishes are all nice.
Kitchen and living area.
Late afternoon looking north from the cabin's porch.
The beds were comfortable (at least that is what I was told as I slept on the sleeper sofa) and the rooms nice. A good amount of space for luggage and motorcycle gear was provided in each bedroom.  Both bathrooms were roomy and completely stock with extra towels and toiletries.

We enjoyed a great day of riding in Arkansas and two restful nights.  I highly recommend taking a trip to Arkansas and staying at the Mena Mountaintop Motel/Cabins.  You will enjoy the roads and the scenic views.


  1. Bloody hell another one to add to the bucket list, you need to stop postng this stuff, when i do come over there I am gonna need a year to see all the places you talk about.

  2. You need to come on over. We will show you around. If you have been ready Gary's blog - USA Tour on a Harley-Davidson you have a lot of places to see that he has written about. You need to do a tour like his.

  3. Yea, this is such a big country, so many beautiful places to see, so little vacation :-(
    It took me 22 days to go cross country and back and I only saw a little piece

  4. Thank you Oz, glad you enjoy my posts.
    I always enjoy yours too.
    - Mary Ann :-)

  5. Hi Man,
    Just got ur last comment on my blog.
    In the UK the weather Nov to March ish
    gets a bit Desperate Dan, Salt etc etc on the roads then the cold. It's a year last Tuesday since I passed my test on a bike so as you can imagine when I took delivery of my 1st bike last Dec I was like an 18yr old again. I was out on it at every oppertunity, but not this year. LOL..

    All the Best TT