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Friday, November 19, 2010

2010-2011 International Motorcycle Show - Dallas

The Progressive International Motorcycle Show kicked off in Dallas, TX this past weekend (Nov. 12-14, 2010).  The show featured most major manufacturers; however, I was disappointed that Triumph, BMW, and Victory did not have booths.  Victory was represented by two local shops (Family PowerSports & Rick Farless' Strokers Dallas).  The IMS website states that Triumph, BMW, Ducati, and Victory will be at selected shows.  I am glad Ducati was at the Dallas show.

I forgot my camera, but my son took some photos with his phone. I am going to only a few photos, but if you would like to see some great pics go to Torch's Midlife Motorcycle Madness Blog. He posted a lot of great pictures using 5 different posts.   IMS 1     IMS 2       IMS  3     IMS 4     IMS  5

My son and I enjoyed the show.  We took in the Team No Limit Stunt Show with Jason Britton and his TV co-star, Eric Hoenshell.  My son actually watched it twice and took a lot of pictures, but that phone camera is not that good.
Team No Limit Stunt Show
I am impressed with what they can do.
There were several other special show features including Women Ride, Custom Bike Show, Demo rides,... - Link for all the show features and manufacturers.

The highlight for me was found at the Ducati booth.  I have been impressed with European bikes for a long time although I have never owned one.  I have also started developing a desire to purchase a dual sport and do some riding on the mountain roads in Colorado.  I spent some time talking to "Elvis Jr." of European Cycle Sport in Plano about the Ducati Multistrada 1200.  The technology on that bike is awesome.   I think that is the dual sport bike for me.  Just don't know when that will happen. 

Ducati also gave North America it's first look at the Diavel.  The Diavel really caught my eye.  It is a nice looking bike with quality finishing.  I think I will have to make a trip down to European Cycle Sport and do a test ride.  
The Diavel looks fast!
The International Motorcycle Show is worth attending.  There are vendors for gear, accessories, etc., the big manufacturers booths, and several special features.  You can touch and sit on a lot of bikes and see the new models.  The difficult part is going home without so many things that I wish I could have.  Oh well, it sure is fun to look.


  1. The IMS used to showcase every manufacturer, but over the past few years it seems more manufacturers have opted out. Last year in Long Beach was disappointing, and based on what you're saying, it sounds like this year won't be worth my time.

  2. I realize the show has gotten smaller over the last few years, but I still enjoyed it. The IMS website lists BMW, Triumph, Ducati, & Victory as part of the Long Beach show. The other big 5 are part of all the shows, so the Long Beach appears to be one of the larger shows, although appearances can be deceiving.

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