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Monday, March 8, 2010

Shuttle Launch Postponed!

At the first of February I posted that my brother-in-law, Jeff, was going to ride to Florida to see the March 18th shuttle launch.  Well, all this global warming made NASA postpone the March 18th launch till April.  The decision was prompted by unusual cold weather - wait, I thought it was global warming.  It is disappointing, but we just have to make the best of it.

My wife and son already have flights booked and the in-laws are anticipating our visit. Jeff and I discussed the situation and since he already has the days off we will still make the trip (unless really bad weather or something major changes our plans).

This will be a great chance for me to test two recently acquired items:  Icon Accelerant Waterproof Motorcycle Boots and AFX FX-3 Karbon Beanie Half Helmet.

The preliminary impressions on both have been good, but a 2,500+ road trip will allow ample usage for me to make a full evaluation.  I will be able to compare the Icon boots with my Harley Davidson FXRG-2 waterproof boots.

Both items came from Riders Discount.  This was my first experience with RD.  The shipment arrived in a timely manner and well packed.

More info on both items and other reviews will come from the trip to Florida.  We plan on staying off the Interstate highways as much as possible and I am sure we will eat in some local restaurants so, there should be plenty to review.


  1. Thanks for the referral, Oz - we hope you enjoy them on your trip! Looking forward to reading your further reviews. Safe travels.

  2. That is a real shame that the shuttle launch has been postponed. I remember reading about it and thinking what a great trip that would be. Even though you will now miss this, you still have the ride to keep you happy! Have a great time and of course, lots of pictures on your blog please!